Los Angeles Facing a Serious Crime Problem

Time and time again, the indisputable reality is proven: when states defund the police, crime eventually runs unchecked.

This is the case in several cities across the nation. What all of these crime-ridden cities have in common is they defunded the police and also remain controlled by the Democrat Party.

Now, as crime booms, Democrats are blaming racism, COVID, and a host of other issues that have nothing to do with the situation. What Democrats should be looking at, though, are their policies like lax bail, failure to prosecute criminals, defunding of police, etc.

Sadly, Los Angeles is one city in particular that is learning this lesson the hard way, as Newsmax has reported.

A Dire Warning from the Los Angeles Police Department

In a nutshell, robberies have gotten to be so dangerous in Los Angeles that police are telling folks in the community to essentially just go along with it. Some of the key tips from police of Los Angeles advise folks to not wear flashy jewelry or try to fight back against robbers.

Los Angeles residents are likewise being instructed to stay in places with ample lighting and pay more attention to their personal belongings.

Meanwhile, as this crime spree runs wild in one of the bluest cities nationwide, Los Angeles police also say people in the community should not carry guns on their person.

The irony here is that if robbers and other criminals knew there was a change of law-abiding folks conceal carrying, they might think twice before targeting people.

However, this does not really turn out to be much of an astonishment. California itself has a series of anti-gun laws and measures in the state. It’s also very difficult for California residents to get concealed carry permits.

A Valuable Lesson to the Rest of America

There is no doubt the situation in Los Angeles is unfortunate, as are the things the city’s police department is telling residents to do in response. However, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the greater lesson in all this.

Defunding the police does not work. Treating criminals with kid gloves by essentially doing away with bail also fails to work. Furthermore, defunding law enforcement, while simultaneously allowing criminals to roam the streets is a perfect composition for disaster.

The rest of the United States needs to learn from what’s going on in Los Angeles. This should be a lesson to everyone that having police in the community matters. Furthermore, without rules to appropriately deal with criminals, law-abiding folks will not be safe.

Hopefully, Los Angeles will find a way to come to its senses before things get even direr.

What are your takeaways from the violent crime spree going on in Los Angeles, California? Share your insights in the comments field.