Los Angeles First Responders Calling Out Sick in Record Numbers

Labor shortages across the United States are no joke. They started during mid-2021; however, the impacts of these shortages are still having very real consequences nearly one week into 2022.

One of the most stark impacts of labor shortage can be seen in the airline industry. With multiple airline workers calling out sick with COVID, thousands of flights have been canceled at worst, or delayed at best.

However, labor shortages are starting to hit in other critical areas. In the case of Los Angeles, the city’s first responders are having some very real issues. According to Fox News, they’re calling in sick in record numbers, citing COVID as the reason.

What’s Happening with Los Angeles First Responders?

Over the course of this week alone, hundreds of police officers, emergency responders, and firefighters have called in sick. With such a significant chunk of workers off the beat, it raises questions about whether or not the city will be able to deal with problems when they arise.

The chunk of first responders calling off work comes on top of the employees who were fired by the city in 2021 for refusing the COVID vaccine. Altogether, this adds up to a massive shortage that is bound to have ugly consequences for Los Angeles residents.

Apparently, Los Angeles is one of the cities in the United States seeing a spike in COVID. This spike furthermore comes in spite of Los Angeles having COVID vaccine mandates and even reinstating mask mandates.

The full results of so many workers off the beat remain to be seen. However, from what’s already been reported, people who call 911 in Los Angeles are having to wait for longer periods of time, due to labor shortages.

Additional Problems in Los Angeles

As first responders in Los Angeles call in sick, the city remains in the middle of a very serious crime crisis. Shoplifting, looting, and thefts in the deeply blue city are very real problems that aren’t going away.

Officials in the city have decided they won’t prosecute thefts that are below $950 in value. Therefore, this created a situation where shoplifters are literally bringing calculators into stores and adding up prices to ensure what they’re stealing amounts to less than $950.

Unfortunately, this is the result of left-wing leadership. This comes on top of the massive drug and homelessness crises that exist in Los Angeles as well. With fewer police officers on the beat, criminals in California will feel even more embolden to act.

As sad as this may be, the darkest days for Los Angeles may not have even arrived just yet.

What do you make of the massive loss of first responders in Los Angeles, California? Let us know in the comments field if you believe this will create problems.