Lyft and Uber Pull Back Their Mask Requirements

Mask requirements in the United States seem to be on their last leg.

On Monday, a federal judge in Florida struck down the travel mask mandate kept in place by the CDC and Joe Biden. The judge decreed the mandate as unlawful and noted the CDC did not provide a sound justification for its extension.

Once this verdict was in, it was only a matter of hours before US airlines and airports began rolling back their requirements for individuals to wear face coverings.

As it turns out, these aren’t the only entities that made some changes after Biden’s mask mandate was knocked down. Rideshare companies Lyft and Uber have since followed suit in pulling back their own mask requirements, per The Hill.

The Removal of Mandatory Masking

Yesterday, Lyft and Uber each released statements, announcing that masks are no longer mandatory to use their services.

Riders and drivers who desire to wear masks even with the mandate being struck down are still very much able to do so. However, the feature to report riders and drivers who are not wearing masks won’t be available anymore.

However, both rideshare companies still call for riders and drivers to abstain from using the service if they’re sick with COVID or have symptoms of the virus.

Across various social media platforms, people expressed their relief with no longer having to wear masks when using Lyft or Uber for transportation.

Across the United States, there’s been a growing weariness with mandates being shoved down the throats of the American public.  All in all, many people are content to live their lives without being told they must wear a mask or get a vaccine.

Backlash From the White House

At the same time the White House is ending the Title 42 health policy, they’re fighting to keep mask mandates from finally being over.

On Tuesday, the United States Justice Department declared it would appeal to reinstate the travel mask mandate, should the CDC say this mandate needs to be back in effect.

This hasn’t gone over well with the American public at all. People who have been glad to take off their masks are slammed the Biden administration for continuing to push this issue.

Others pointed out the president is on a power trip and seeking to keep the mandate going endlessly as a means of controlling Americans.

If the Biden administration follows through on its appeal, it could very well lose.

Earlier this year, the White House tried to fight for its COVID vaccine mandate directed toward large companies; yet, the administration lost this fight in the Supreme Court.

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