Majority of Americans Don’t Approve of Congress Controlled by Democrats

For over a year now, America’s been under the control of the Democrat Party. At the federal level, Democrats regulate the Senate and the House of Representatives, along with the White House itself.

However, with Democrats in control of the United States, this nation is facing a multitude of crises. Just a few examples include the congested supply chain, record inflation levels, soaring crime, and unstocked grocery store shelves.

Right now, America is getting closer and closer to the midterm elections. These November races will determine whether Democrats keep ruling Congress or are forced to hand over the majority to Republicans again.

Judging from a new poll, Democrats may be in a deeper hole than anyone realized, as covered by Breitbart News.

Terrible News for Democrats Ahead of the November Midterms

A fresh survey run by Harvard-Harris shows that a whopping 59% of voters in the United States fail to approve of how Congress is working with Democrats controlling the House and the Senate.

Only three out of ten voters told Harvard-Harris that they favor the job of the current lawmakers on Capitol Hill. However, the news gets even worse for Democrats when voters documented what they think about the state of the party as a whole.

At this time, 47% of voters believe Democrats have taken a shift that is too far over to the left. Meanwhile, 28% believe the Democrat Party is in the appropriate position, leaving merely 25% who think Democrats haven’t gone far left enough.

If the midterms were to happen today, 53% of voters told Harvard-Harris they’d cast their ballots for Republicans; only 47% of voters said Democrats would get their support.

This latest survey very clearly shows that Democrats are not in step with what the American people want. Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Tuesday that she’s running for her 19th term in Congress.

An Incoming Power Switch

At this point in time, just about every single sign points to Democrats losing the midterms and going back to being the minority party, while the GOP takes back the majority.

Back in 2021, the Virginia gubernatorial election was heralded as a bellwether for the outcome of this year’s midterms. As we all know at this point, Republican Glenn Youngkin won Virginia’s race and now sits as the 74th governor of the commonwealth.

Republicans are on the move this election season and determined to reach voters, just as Youngkin did in Virginia. Meanwhile, Democrats are forced to contend with a president who is facing more criticism, crises, and PR nightmares each day.

Do you approve of the job that Congress is doing with Democrats in control? Let us know in the comments area below if you think the Democrat Party will lose the November congressional races.