Manchin’s Constituents Largely Back His Opposition Against BBB

Earlier in December, West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin confirmed that the Build Back Better Act will not get his vote. This revelation infuriated Democrats, seeing as they cannot get the bill passed without every single vote from their party members in the Senate.

Democrats immediately went on the attack against Manchin. Right now, the narrative leftists want the country to believe is that the West Virginia senator is somehow betraying his constituents back home.

However, as usual, the falsehoods from leftists simply don’t hold weight. As a matter of fact, Fox Business confirms business leaders in West Virginia largely back Manchin’s refusal to kiss the ring and vote for Build Back Better.

Another Win for Joe Manchin

Business owners in West Virginia are largely standing behind Sen. Manchin, despite what the progressive wing of the Democrat Party wants the country to believe.

West Virginia Chamber of Commerce President Steve Roberts informed the press Manchin is correct about the adverse economic impacts that Build Back Better would have. Roberts also completely denounced the notion that Manchin’s refusal to vote for Biden’s legislation is somehow a betrayal to West Virginians.

Roberts admitted while he has been the recipient of irate emails over Manchin’s decision, none of these emails actually came from West Virginia residents. Some of these irate people are also looking to punish West Virginia as a whole.

The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce president furthermore stated if the Build Back Better Act were to pass, the state’s energy sector would be hampered, along with churches’ abilities to give childcare.

West Virginia resident Rebecca McPhail also had similar feedback regarding Manchin’s decision. According to McPhail, inflation and other economic issues facing the Mountain State would get worse if Build Back Better passed.

A Hard Lesson for Progressives

What progressives don’t seem to understand is Manchin answers to his constituents in West Virginia, not the progressive wing of the Democrat Party.

Despite progressive outrage over Manchin’s failure to support Build Back Better, this outrage is not shared by the residents of West Virginia. The same also goes for Manchin’s refusal to get on board with eliminating the Senate filibuster.

Progressives need to understand they don’t always get their way. They’re also not going to be able to bully and pressure people into doing what they want.

In current times, the progressive wing of the Democrat Party has become nothing more than cult-like bullies. They believe they’re entitled to get whatever they want and anyone who refuses should be bullied into obedience or cast aside.

Good on Sen. Manchin for standing up to them.

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