Mask Mandates Under Fire from Southwest Flight Attendants

For the most part, mask mandates in the United States have been lifted.

Americans are largely able to go to stores, restaurants, football games, gyms, and other environments without having to cover their noses and mouths with masks.

The so-called science in favor of wearing a mask to stop the spread of COVID has always been spotty and shaky, at best.

Given coronavirus’ nature as an airborne virus, some studies have suggested its particles are much smaller than those in face masks.

However, as mask mandates are largely rolled back, they have yet to meet their demise on aircraft. This is why multiple flight attendants working for Southwest Airlines are calling for the end of mask mandates, according to Breitbart News.

Southwest Flight Attendants on Mask Mandates

At this point, Southwest flight attendants have been very clear on where they stand when it comes to these mask mandates.

TWU Local 556, a union representing flight attendants with Southwest Airlines, penned a letter to the president, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) administrator David Pekosk, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, Federal Aviation (FAA) administrator Stephen Dickson, along with other officials in the federal government.

In this letter, TWU Local 556 points out the notable decline in COVID cases warrants the lifting of the mask mandate.

Southwest flight attendants likewise pointed out how mask mandates have been lifted across countless US localities and states; however, airline workers are still forced into masking.

Also, TWU Local 556’s letter to federal officials pointed out the strong support amongst airline workers for them to have the choice of whether to wear a mask, rather than being forced to do so.

Therefore, Southwest flight attendants are calling for the mandate to be lifted for not just themselves, but also air travelers as well.

Following the Real Science

Biden and other drivers of mask mandates have repeatedly said their approaches towards COVID are always going to be rooted in “the science.”

However, this very same science that’s so often invoked by supporters of mandates says these measures are no longer necessary. COVID cases have dropped, as have hospitalizations and deaths from the virus.

There are multiple COVID vaccines available, along with booster shots. Anyone who still wishes to wear a mask while flying can do so; however, there’s truly no real science behind masking being mandatory.

At this time, the ongoing federal mask mandate for air travel is set to expire on Monday, April 18. Time will tell whether or not Biden listens to these Southwest flight attendants or extends his unscientific mask mandate.

Do you agree with Southwest flight attendants who are ready to close the door on the federal mask mandate for air travel? You’re invited to share your thoughts with us in the comments area.