Mass Illegal Immigration Could Worsen America’s Unemployment Rates

Illegal immigration is an evergrowing thorn in the side of the country.

Biden set this in motion last January. He came into office, rolled back the policies that kept the border under control, and then let chaos run amuck.

To this very day, the president is doing absolutely nothing to curtail illegal immigration. As a matter of fact, when Title 42 is rolled back later this month, even more migrants will be making their way to the US-Mexico border.

Border Patrol officials don’t have the resources or the bandwidth to deal with tens of thousands of migrants coming to the border on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, rampant upticks in illegal immigration could mean the end of many Americans’ jobs, according to Breitbart News.

More Threats to the US Economy

Between inflation, gas prices, and shortages in needed supplies like baby formula, America has enough problems to contend with. Unfortunately, economic hardship is far from over.

A poll run by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research shows how concerned Americans are about their futures in the job market.

To date, 73% have said that current illegal immigration is a direct threat to their job opportunities. Only 26% of Americans don’t believe that unlawful border crossings pose issues to the nation’s labor market.

According to various studies into illegal immigration, millions of American jobs are believed to be going to folks who unlawfully came into the country.

All of this means that middle-class workers, blue-collar workers, and others will feel the harshest sting of illegal immigration.

Democrats’ Ultimate Endgame

Make no mistake, when it comes to mass illegal immigration, Democrats know exactly what they’re doing.

There’s a reason why the White House is going to gut Title 42 later this month, despite bipartisan calls for them to keep this program intact.

Biden ultimately believes that allowing illegal immigrants into America in record numbers will boost Democrats’ number of voters. This has been in the making for quite some time.

Already, Democrats are set to face major losses in the midterms. The left is also losing support from women, minorities, and young people.

As the White House claims its administration is all about the middle class, its policies are doing major harm to middle class Americans.

In New York, Democrats have already set the groundwork for letting non-citizens vote in elections. It’s only a matter of time before this agenda becomes more widespread as Democrats work to remain in power forever.

What do you think major illegal immigration means for Americans having access to job opportunities?

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