McDonald’s is Now Ending Its Business With Russia

Russia has been attacking Ukraine for months on end now. The regime initially thought Ukraine would be effortless to take; however, the people of the country have certainly disproven this idea.

The consequences of this war in Ukraine continue to pile up for the regime. To begin with, many Russian officials are sanctioned and cut off from accessing parts of their wealth.

On top of this, other nations like Sweden and Finland have opted to join NATO for their own security reasons.

Growing numbers of businesses are also completely cutting the cord with Russia as well. According to Washington Examiner, McDonald’s is the latest company to end its business in the nation.

Russia Isolating Itself From the Rest of the Globe

Back in March, McDonald’s chose to suspend services in Russia; although, now, the fast-food chain is moving to sell each of its restaurants in the nation. Russia will lose tens of thousands of jobs because of this.

All restaurants in Russia will furthermore see the iconic Golden Arches removed from buildings as McDonald’s disassociates from the country altogether.

In a public statement this week, McDonald’s explained the reasoning for this move has everything to do with war being waged against Ukraine.

McDonald’s said keeping up business in Russia both goes against its values and has ceased to be secure, due to the crisis that is underway in Ukraine.

Company CEO Chris Kempczinski said McDonald’s is currently working to ensure that staffers reliant upon the company receive employment from whoever ends up purchasing their restaurants.

More Troubles For the Russian Regime

As Russian troops continue to get bested by Ukrainian defenders, reports indicate that Putin himself is stepping in to give direct commands to the military.

Meanwhile, reports of Putin suffering from ill health and even cancer continue to make waves as time passes. Apparently, the Russian president has already undergone certain surgeries meant to fix his health problems.

Of course, not everyone believes this. Some folks have speculated that the appearance of Putin being sick could merely be a ruse for the dictatorial leader to pull another trick from up his sleeve.

Furthermore, rumors exist that certain officials within the Russian government are preparing a coup to toss Putin out of office. This is rumored to have already begun with no point of being called off.

One thing’s for certain, though: between continuous sanctions and legions of businesses shutting down in Russia, the country is paying dearly for this war against Ukraine.

What do you think about McDonald’s officially cutting off all business ties with Russia? Do you think Putin is truly suffering from health issues or just trying to make it look that way to the world? Let us know in the comments feed.