Michael Cohen Rips Trump as a “Cult Leader”

Years ago, attorney Michael Cohen worked for former President Trump. During his time as the former president’s attorney, Cohen infamously said he would take a bullet for him.

However, things have long changed. Cohen spent some time behind bars, due to campaign finance violations and tax crimes. Once the attorney’s legal issues began to grow, he said he was sucked into doing Trump’s dirty work.

Cohen’s since been let out of prison. He maintains that his ex-boss is dangerous, a con man, and much more. Some of the former president’s supporters have questioned the attorney doing such an about-face on Trump, but that’s not slowing him down in the slightest.

While speaking with MSNBC this past weekend, Cohen went as far as branding Trump as a “cult leader,” documents Breitbart News.

Diving Into Cohen’s Latest Comments About Trump

On Sunday, Cohen sat down with MSNBC to discuss his views about Trump’s rallies. The former Trump attorney was asked by MSNBC about “cultish Q-Anon music” that the network claims is played at the former president’s rallies.

Cohen responded to this line of questioning by stating his former boss is a “cult leader” with zero regard for what individuals actually stand for.

The attorney then alleged that Trump doesn’t care about individuals themselves, nor does he have any true knowledge of what QAnon actually entails.

Next, Cohen told MSNBC that Trump is only aware about followers of QAnon also supporting him, which is all that matters.

These statements from Cohen aren’t new at all. He’s previously alleged that Trump only cares about what he can get from various individuals. In fact, this is why different left-wing, anti-Trump networks like MSNBC regularly invite Cohen on air.

More on Cohen’s Interview

Before his segment on MSNBC ended, Cohen made it clear that he believes the Justice Department should indict Trump.

According to the former president’s ex-lawyer, Trump is holding “more documents” than the ones collected by the FBI back in August. This is when the agency infamously raided Trump’s Florida estate.

Later, Cohen went on the record to say he believes the FBI needs to raid even more places attached to not just Trump, but also Trump’s adult children.

Cohen’s time on MSNBC even involved posing the possibility of Trump having photocoped certain documents prior to them being confiscated by the FBI.

Finally, Michael Cohen claimed that if anyone else were in the shoes of the former president, they’d already be behind bars at this point.

What do you make of Michael Cohen’s statements about former President Trump, despite previously working as his attorney? Let us know in the comments area below if you believe what Cohen’s saying or think he has an axe to grind.