Minority Support for Biden Has Significantly Fallen

When Biden was elected into office, he said he’d unify the country, revive America’s “soul,” and otherwise make things better.

Instead, Biden’s term as president has been marked by attempts to impose COVID vaccine mandates on Americans, economic problems, and the series of gaffes that continuously come from his mouth.

Biden’s let a lot of people down. A good deal of the country is suffering because of his policies. A recent poll from last week showed that 49% of Americans are in a worse financial position than they faced even one year ago.

Now, an even more recent survey shows that minority support for this president has significantly declined since July 2021 to today, per Red State.

A Closer Look at Dwindling Minority Support for Biden

New findings from Marquette University Law School’s most recent survey show just how poorly Biden’s done with minority voters over the past nine months.

His support from black voters fell from 88% to a meager 56%. Amongst Hispanic voters, Biden’s approval rating fell from 56% down to just 51%.

According to pollsters, the president’s alienation of so many African-American voters is a real problem for Democrats going forward.

Black voters have played a key role in Democrats winning elections; clearly, the 32% decline in support from black Americans shows that what Biden’s doing isn’t resonating well.

Even with white voters, Biden’s seen a notable decline. Back in July 2021, 50% of white Americans approved of the president’s job performance. Now, that number is down to 40%.

The Approaching Red Wave

As Democrats lose support from key voter blocs, Republicans are doing better and better in the polls each time one comes out.

Right now, polls show Republicans are most trusted by the American public to tackle issues like the economy, foreign policy, crime, gun violence, and more.

Polls likewise have Republicans set to make historic wins in the November midterm elections.

Looking at the current state of America under Biden’s leadership and a Democrat-controlled federal government, it’s not hard to see why people want real changes.

As long as Democrats continue to dig in their heels on bad policies and act like they’re doing nothing wrong, they’ll only further ensure their political demise.

Getting Republicans back in control of Congress will matter greatly. It will save the American public from having to absorb more inflation because of new spending packages being passed into law.

The excuses from the Biden administration can’t change the trajectory they’ve put America on and the inevitability of what’s coming in November.

What do you think about the newest poll showing massive declines in minority support for Joe Biden? Do you think this will play a role in the outcome of the congressional elections in November? Please be sure to let us know in the comments area.