Mitt Romney: Denial and Distrust Can Trigger a National Tragedy

Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah has warned America is heading towards disaster, as nearly every American is in a sense of denial. 

He insisted the country is in need of honest and assertive leadership, which could help the nation in these troubling times.

Internal Differences Leading the Country in the Wrong Direction

In his op-ed in The Atlantic, Romney discussed various problems of the United States at length, which should be a matter of concern for every American.

He stated progressive politicians always back more social spending, even after knowing it will increase inflation.

Similarly, the conservative senator established, Americans keep on wasting water by saturating their lawns at a time when lakes are going dry. Experts are projecting water scarcity in the near future.

The same is the case with illegal immigration as well. People just switch their TV channels when they see illegal immigrants crossing into America en masse without facing any legal hurdles.

Romney accused both the left and the right of prevailing chaos in the country, which is also resulting in the highly partisan environment in America. 

He said the right blames the left for illegal immigration and national debt, while liberals put the blame for the deteriorating climate and weakening democracy on the right.

According to Romney, who is an anti-Trump Republican, one of the biggest examples of the denial was seen in 2020 when former President Trump refused to accept the election results.

The senator also hopes the Republican Party will agree to a presidential candidate in 2024 who can bring all of the party together by uniting everybody in the difficult period.

For this purpose, Romney urged parents, religious leaders, teachers, business folks, and journalists to either raise potential leaders for America or come forward to steer America towards a safe future.

Americans Must Course Correct Before Disaster Strikes

Romney believes America should focus on real threats instead of internal differences or be prepared for “serious consequences.”

Based on the severity of chaos prevailing in the country, no one should wait for a national tragedy to happen. America must course-correct before the country sees an unforgivable event, the senator added.

The tragedies like Pearl Harbor or 9/11, Romney continued, always “shake public consciousness,” but those crises hit the country when it is always too late for course correction.

So, the US needs strong leadership which can help the country navigate through troubled waters.

While Romney argued Biden is a good man, he stated the president is unable to counter rising denial and suspicion in the country right now.

These sentiments of Romney are in line with Americans’ wishes, as only 20% of them posit  Biden is heading the country in the right direction, as per the Associated Press poll.

The senator also slammed Congress for the stalemate, which blocks virtually every important bit of legislation.