More Bad News Arrives for Democrats Ahead of 2022 Midterms

The Democrat Party has not done itself any favor since Biden got into office. Leftists have thrown their weight behind a series of proposals that are unwanted and unpopular.

Some of the best examples entail packing the Supreme Court, empowering the IRS to spy on Americans’ bank accounts, paying illegal immigrants $450,000, etc. Each of these proposals is one Democrats want to become a reality.

Meanwhile, left-wing lawmakers in Congress are additionally working day and night to pass the president’s communist Build Back Better agenda. However, they are running into a series of problems, as even Democrat lawmakers can’t reach an agreement on this proposal.

Democrats may have new problems to worry about, though. According to Breitbart News, leftist donors are now warning they’re going to hold off on giving any money to Democrats for the 2022 midterms, unless they manage to pass Biden’s Build Back Better plan.

A Midterm Catastrophe for Democrats

Reports have broken that leftist donors are not at all pleased with Democrat lawmakers who are failing to get Biden’s legislation through Congress. Furthermore, these donors are letting lawmakers know their funds for the 2022 midterms will go elsewhere unless Democrats get it together.

Furthermore, the gubernatorial election in Virginia will also have some real consequences on how leftist donors choose to spend their money. Election Day in the commonwealth is today and whether or not Republican Glenn Youngkin or Democrat Terry McAuliffe walks away the winner is going to make a difference.

President Biden has beseeched his party members in Congress to pass his Build Back Better plan. Biden’s so desperate to codify his communist agenda that he’s telling Democrats their House and Senate majorities rely upon its success.

At the rate things are going, no one should expect Democrats to pass anything regarding Biden’s agenda anytime soon. Progressives and moderates are not seeing eye to eye; even some progressives are stating they want more included in the legislation before voting for it.

Incoming Victory for Republicans?

Even without the news that leftist donors may not put up funds for Democrats in the 2022 midterms, there are already several signs of Republicans taking back the majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate.

For starters, re-districting favors Republicans, as does the reality many House Democrats are declining to seek re-election. Furthermore, Biden’s approval rating is down in battleground states that will be critical for Senate races in 2022.

Without the financial funds to even compete against Republicans in the midterms that are one year away, the Democrat Party’s goose is officially cooked.

What do you make of reports warning that Democrats may not get any midterm funding from donors, due to their failure to pass President Biden’s agenda? We’re eager to learn your views in the comments field below.