More Voters See GOP as Best Equipped to Handle Inflation

Inflation has been a thorn in the side of Americans for far too long. The Biden administration continues to pass the buck, make excuses, and lie to the American public.

At this time, the Biden administration is dishonestly claiming that government spending and the American Rescue Plan are actually lowering the national deficit and inflation.

However, this just doesn’t make any sense. This is like someone claiming that by increasing their debit card balance, they’re actually saving money.

Meanwhile, as the current president does everything to avoid facing the facts on inflation, a new poll is out.

This poll shows the American people largely view Republicans as far more equipped than Democrats to handle inflation, according to Breitbart News.

The Latest from the American Public on Inflation

According to a new poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal, only 30% of the country believes Democrats are in the best position to deal with inflation; meanwhile, 47% of Americans believe Republicans are best positioned to handle inflation.

That’s not all, though. The Wall Street Journal additionally revealed that 70% of Americans disapprove of how Biden is managing the prices of gas.

This comes against the backdrop of 52% of Americans who maintain the economy is the most influential matter currently facing the country.

Meanwhile, as the American public weighs in on these issues, Biden isn’t taking accountability at all. Instead, he’s just pointing fingers at the Russian president.

Negative Consequences for the Democrat Party

Inflation and gas prices are just two more things working against the Democrat Party as the country gets closer to midterm elections.

Democrats have furthermore found themselves forced to contend with a president who holds consistently abysmal approval ratings. Meanwhile, Biden is publicly tooting his own horn and claiming that all is well.

During a recent Democratic event, the president even had the audacity to declare the upcoming two years are going to be “very sad” if Republicans win the midterms.

Apparently, Biden doesn’t grasp that the back-to-back emergencies stemming from his leadership as president have been “very sad” for the majority of the country.

There is no stronger indication of this than the myriad polls coming out regarding this president. Multiple reports state that Democrats are internally bracing themselves to lose the midterms in November.

This is somewhat ironic because when Democrats elected Biden in 2020, they thought he would take the party to the promised land.

Instead, Biden’s done nothing more than stain the Democrat Party and motivate Americans to vote for Republican leadership.

What do you think about the newest poll showing where the American people stand as it pertains to inflation? We are very much looking forward to reading all your thoughts in the comments feed down below.