Most Americans Believe Nation Isn’t on the Right Track

After close to 13 months into Joe Biden’s presidential tenure, there are still myriad hardships faced by the nation.

Jobs and wages are not where they should be, first of all; however, inflation is definitely soaring through the roofs. The White House’s refusal to acknowledge or confront this situation doesn’t make it any less real.

With the midterms coming up, Democrats are only digging in their heels on failed policies. House Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stated last week that capitalism isn’t an acceptable economic system.

Meanwhile, Biden declared days ago that constitutional amendments in this nation are not “absolute.” In light of all that’s going on with present leadership, it shouldn’t be all that astonishing that most Americans say we’re not on the right track, per Breitbart News.

What Most Americans Think about the Nation’s Current Direction

A brand new survey by Reuters/Ipsos is very enlightening. The details display that only 24% of Americans see the country as heading on the right track. Meanwhile, another 63% are in agreement that the United States is not, in fact, heading in a good direction.

This latest news from Reuters/Ipsos shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. After all, 56% of the country doesn’t even approve of the job Biden’s doing in the White House.

Another critical bit of information comes in the news that economic matters such as jobs and unemployment are viewed as most essential by the largest documented plurality of Americans.

Meanwhile, Biden is steering clear of these points altogether. This is quite obviously a tactic to avoid drawing attention to what a horrible job he’s done in office.

This president hasn’t built anything back better. In fact, he’s joined forces with congressional Democrats to pass spending packages that actually plunged the economy into a worse position.

Hope on the Horizon

In spite of the terrible job that Biden’s done since taking office, and in spite of most Americans agreeing the country isn’t on the right track, there is still hope.

At this moment, the midterm elections are about nine months away. This time is also going to pass by faster than most people believe.

Once the November congressional races finally do arrive, they’ll be a referendum on the Biden administration. These elections will likewise mark the opportunity for the start of new leadership in the federal government, beginning with Congress.

Various surveys and polls have indicated that Biden, nor the Democrat Party in general, is going to be very happy with the outcomes of the November midterms.

Do you agree with the majority of Americans who say the United States is not currently on the correct track? In the comments area below, we’d be delighted to get your thoughts and feedback on this important issue.