Most Americans Know Very Little About Biden’s Spending Bill

President Biden’s idea of “building back better” remains very twisted and foreign from reality. Months ago, Congress managed to ram through the American Rescue Plan, another piece of legislation spearheaded by the president.

Thus far, the result of the American Rescue Plan has been inflation, disaster overseas, a nightmare at the southern border, labor shortages, etc. The United States is not any better off for the American Rescue Plan; yet, Biden has another bill in store for the country.

Right now, the president is working day and night to get Congress to pass his $3.5 spending legislation. Biden is furthermore lying and asserting this bill won’t cost a single penny.

Thankfully, Republican senators and two Democrat senators remain opposed to the legislation; therefore, it does not stand a chance of getting through the upper congressional chamber.

However, Newsmax is now reporting that most Americans don’t even have a concrete understanding of what the bill’s contents entails.

A Lack of Understanding About the $3.5 Trillion Spending Package

On Sunday, CBS/YouGov released a survey regarding how much the American public truly comprehends about the legislation Democrats are fighting so hard to pass through Congress.

As it turns out, 29% admitted their lack of awareness about details of the bill. Meanwhile, another 28% stated they lack specific knowledge about the legislation’s particulars, yet have a general sense of what it entails.

33% declared they understand specific particulars and maintain a general comprehension. Only 10% told CBS/YouGov that they’ve ascertained a variety of specifics regarding the $3.5 trillion package.

Americans may not know much of the particulars; however, studies into the bill have been done and the findings aren’t pretty. Biden’s bill, if it passes thorough Congress, will kill jobs, increase taxes, worsen the national deficit, and make it even harder for businesses (especially small businesses) to remain open.

The Truth About the Biden Administration

The Biden administration has consistently failed the American public time and time again. This is why the president’s approval numbers keep getting lower and lower. It’s also why Independent voters across the country have grown annoyed with Biden.

Right now, the Biden administration is continuing to lie to the American public. They’re lying about the aforementioned spending bill and falsely declaring it won’t cost any money.

The Biden administration is furthermore lying to the public by undermining various polls that show the president consistently tanking in ratings of approval.

Right now, it’s imperative for Republican senators and the two Democrat moderate senators to continue holding the line. The $3.5 trillion spending legislation cannot pass into law.

It will only bring more harm and destruction to the country at a time when we need healing and good policies. The truth about the Biden administration is that it must be stopped.