Most Rural Voters Aren’t Happy with Democrats

If there’s one thing Biden’s presidency has done, it’s decrease the popularity associated with the Democrat Party in general.

Democrats today are the party of mandating COVID vaccines, forcing people to wear masks, shutting down businesses, defunding the police, giving criminals a free pass, etc.

It turns out that leadership along these lines isn’t so wanted or popular. People aren’t interested in staying on a neverending hamster wheel of the government controlling their lives and leaving them powerless.

As various demographics turn against Democrats, the party still isn’t getting the memo. In fact, radical progressives are doubling down and claiming they need to be even more extreme in order to win the support of the country.

This isn’t working out so well for Democrats, though. As a matter of fact, a fresh poll shows that Democrats have largely lost the support of rural American voters, as documented by Newsmax.

What Rural Americans Really Think About Democrats

A fresh survey run by Morning Consult shows that a staggering 65% of rural Americans have an averse perspective on the Democrat Party. Of this 65%, 48% have a very averse view of Democrats.

Meanwhile, as inflation reaches a high not seen in four decades, 7.5% of rural Americans are truly feeling the sting. The stances that Democrats have taken regarding immigration, abortion, and various social issues have also alienated rural individuals.

What really takes this point home is the reality that only 23% of rural voters believe Republicans care less about them than Democrat voters.

Over the past several years, Democrats have shown varying levels of disdain towards rural voters. After all, back in 2016, Hillary Clinton claimed that anyone who supported Trump was within a “basket of deplorables.”

When Obama was president, he also made derogatory comments about people who “cling to” firearms, something that rubbed many rural voters the wrong way.

Will Democrats Get the Memo?

Thus far, Democrats have not shown any real bit of willingness to face criticism or suggestions for them to make certain changes to their platform.

Even today, there are multiple Democrats who are arguing in favor of defunding the police. Democrats with this view don’t mind shelling out big bucks for their own personal security. However, they’re still in favor of ripping away Second Amendment rights.

All things considered, this new poll regarding rural voters isn’t likely to change much of anything that Democrats have been doing lately. This is yet another reason why a massive red wave is going to sweep across the United States in November.

What do you think about the poll showing that nearly seven out of ten voters in rural America do not view the Democrats in a favorable light? Please let us know your views on this in the comments area.