Most Voters Want Democrat Sens. Manchin, Sinema to Oppose Biden’s Agenda

Joe Biden wants voters to believe his agenda is beloved and popular. He would like for Americans to think open borders aren’t so bad; he’d like for people to turn a blind eye to inflation, high gas prices, the supply chain woes, and other catastrophes.

However, the world doesn’t work this way. This president does not just get to snap his fingers and make the country forget what he wants them to forget.

Here’s the situation America is currently in: a rogue, tyrannical president is pushing a dangerous agenda that needs to be countered and stopped. Left unchecked, Biden will completely erode privacy rights, individual liberties, and a host of other important values that make this nation what is it.

The American public knows this. Their awareness of this reality is furthermore proven in a recent poll documented by Breitbart News.

Why Most Voters Back Manchin, Sinema Opposing Biden’s Agenda

According to Rasmussen Reports, 65% of voters view Sens. Manchin and Sinema’s opposition to the agenda from a president of their own party as “important.” Of this 65%, 44% declared this matter to be “very important.”

In a surprising twist, a majority of Republicans (75%), Independents (63%), and even Democrats (59%) declared Manchin and Sinema’s opposition to be important. At this time, Manchin and Sinema have been opposing the spending bills Biden’s trying to push through Congress.

Likewise, both Democrat lawmakers are also supportive of keeping the filibuster in place; this is in spite of the fact progressive Democrats and President Biden himself have called for the changing or elimination of the filibuster.

Despite attacks from members of their own party (and in Sinema’s case, harassment from progressive voters), both Democrats are holding firm. Manchin’s even flirted with the notion of becoming an Independent.

Furthermore, polls taken earlier this month show Manchin’s voters in West Virginia are very supportive of the actions he’s taken in Congress thus far. Both himself and Sen. Sinema have shown they won’t bow to pressure, not even from their own party.

A Poll That Says It All

This survey from Rasmussen Reports truly says it all. It speaks volumes that more than six in ten voters nationwide are supportive of lawmakers resisting the agenda of the current president.

This furthermore coincides with previous polls that have large swaths of Americans disapproving of the job Biden’s doing thus far. It shows many people know this president is a disaster that needs to be stopped and contained.

With the Senate being split into 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats, having Manchin and Sinema opposing the current president’s agenda is vital to keeping the country from completely going off the deep end.

What do you think about the legislative opposition Biden’s facing from members of his own party? Are you surprised to see moderate Democrats standing up to President Biden? We want your feedback below in the comments field.