Most Voters Will Gather Outside of Their Homes This Thanksgiving

For the second year in a row now, Americans are facing health officials who are trying to tell them how to spend the holidays.

The nation witnessed this in 2020 when people like Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx sounded the alarm about individuals traveling for Thanksgiving; however, Birx later came under fire for failing to take her own advice and traveling for the holidays to be with her family.

Over the past year, Americans have grown increasingly tired of folks like Fauci wagging their fingers and dictating what the public can and cannot do. Enough is enough, especially with three different vaccines available to folks who want them.

However, in an uplifting turn of events, Breitbart News shows most people in the country will be celebrating Thanksgiving in the manners of their choosing.

Knowing What’s to Come for Thanksgiving 2021

A brand new poll from Ipsos/Axios shares some very good news about this holiday coming up on Thursday. 67% of people will be gathering with folks who are not within their households, regardless of whether or not those folks have been vaccinated against COVID.

This comes as a slap in the face to the likes of Fauci. Over the past week or so, Fauci’s been parading around on TV, stating that only fully vaccinated families can safely gather with people who do not live with them.

This time, however, Americans are having none of it. People are choosing to embrace freedom, rather than letting health officials dictate whether or not they gather with loved ones.

This poll additionally showed less than 33% of Americans believe Thanksgiving gatherings pose any real risk. This is a major decline from the 64% of Americans who worried about the risk of gatherings during Thanksgiving 2020.

A Positive Step Forward for the United States

At some point, America has to be able to move beyond COVID. There are vaccines available; there are monoclonal antibodies available. Apparently, Pfizer is also working to create a pill that’s supposed to fend off the virus.

With 2022 barely a heartbeat away, it is time for the nation to truly return to normal and start living again. We cannot allow people like Fauci to endlessly drag out this “pandemic” for the sake of control or any other reason.

Let’s not also forget that since the inception of COVID, health officials have been all over the place about the measures Americans should undergo to protect themselves. Quite frankly, any credibility they may have had is long gone.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to COVID. It does not impact each individual in the same manner. Therefore, every American must decide what is right for them. Thankfully, Americans are deciding it is time to be with loved ones during this holiday season.

Will you be spending Thanksgiving with people outside of your home? Let us know below in the comments area.