Multiple Companies Take Heat For Business Deals With China

On multiple occasions, China has been very clear that it is no friend to the United States. Just earlier this year, the communist regime sent a spy balloon hovering over our country’s airspace.

After US officials neutralized this balloon, China lashed out and accused America of breaching international law. The Chinese government also continues to compete with America on the world stage, in addition to aligning with other nations that are not US allies.

In spite of these details, some American companies are still doing business with China anyway. According to new developments reported by Breitbart News, this could soon become a problem.

Warning Signs Worth Paying Attention To

According to GOP Representative Mike Gallagher, many Americans fail to understand China’s real hostility and the threats it poses against this country. As such, the Republican lawmaker explained how US-based businesses that maintain their ties to China are enabling the communist regime.

Various big name brands, such as Apple, the NBA, and Disney have professional ties to China. By not severing these ties, Gallagher claims the US companies are helping China further victimize Uyghur minorities and potentially expand its slave labor operations to other nations.

Later, the Republican representative said the CEOs of these businesses need to truly grasp how China is working to control, manipulate, and ultimately dominate America and its people.

With that being said, Gallagher also admitted that he doesn’t believe having these sorts of conversations with the aforementioned CEOs will be easy.

An Acceptable Loss

The Chinese communist regime has consistently shown that it lacks respect for life, human rights, and other values that America believes in.

Last year, when Russia invaded Ukraine, countless businesses immediately severed ties with Russia. It is not out of the question for US businesses to now give China the same treatment.

No amount of work with US businesses will ever get China to change its way or the attitude with which it approaches the United States. Nevertheless, many companies don’t want to take the bottom line hits that would step from cuttting the cord with China.

At the end of the day, time will tell what ultimately comes from this situation. Americans certainly shouldn’t expect to see anything that Gallagher mentioned pertaining to China to change.

Still, American businesses would be making the right call by taking the GOP lawmaker’s advice and distancing themselves from the Chinese communist regime.