Multiple States Sue Biden Administration Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

Yesterday, the Biden administration announced its vaccine mandate for workers nationwide will go into effect on January 4, 2022. The federal government also made it a point of noting that check-ins on businesses and various fines are going to be implemented as enforcement tools.

The Biden administration has repeatedly embraced mandates, despite their lack of popularity and intense divisiveness. Likewise, the federal government continues downplaying the adverse impacts of these mandates.

Some of these adverse impacts include staffing shortages, mass firings, and overall unrest. Following the announcement of the COVID vaccine mandate, multiple states employed litigation against the Biden administration accordingly, as documented by Newsmax.

A Closer Look at the Lawsuits Against Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

All in all, 11 states opted to employ legal action against the Biden administration. These attorney generals argue the federal government does not have the authority to unilaterally mandate Americans to take a vaccine. Instead, this type of power rests with the states.

Eric Schmitt, the attorney general of Missouri, did not mince words. Schmitt made it clear that Biden’s vaccine mandate is illegal, ill-advised, and furthermore unconstitutional.

The attorney general also made it a point to slam “bureaucratic tyrants” who are simply interested in more control and power over the lives of the American people. Various Republican leaders across the United States have also expressed similar sentiments.

Republicans are not alone in this. Many business groups, such as the Jobs Creators Network, have also sounded the alarm on a federal vaccine mandate. Business groups warn that Biden will worsen staffing shortages and continue to engender economic problems by forcing these mandates.

Fighting Back Against Tyranny

The Biden administration claims it has the legal authority to implement these mandates; however, Republican leaders firmly disagree and are taking action accordingly.

This issue of vaccine mandates from the federal government will not be solved overnight. It’s all going to have to work its way through the court systems. Biden has made it clear he has no intention to back down from these mandates.

Likewise, conservatives, Republican leaders, business groups, and others are not backing down in the fight to end these mandates once and for all. The Biden administration says vaccine mandates are nothing new; however, Republicans argue Biden lacks the legal authority to implement these mandates at a federal level.

Sweeping vaccine mandates are the latest form of tyranny to come from the White House with Biden as president. Conservatives warn if these mandates are not defeated, leftists will be emboldened to take even more actions that infringe upon the rights of the American people.

Do you think states will be successful in shutting down Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate? We’d love to know what you think below in the comments section.