National Study on Freedom Shows Blue States Trailing Red States

As 2021 gets closer and closer to its end, it’s impossible not to make note of the major differences between blue states and red states.

Blue states have adopted biomedical fascist policies like COVID vaccine passports and banning unvaccinated people from entering into public spaces. Meanwhile, red states have implemented measures to shield their people from biomedical fascism while also protecting individual rights.

Red states and blue states are worlds apart. States like Oregon, California, and New York might as well be on a different planet than states like Florida, South Dakota, and Texas.

Currently, The Blaze has drawn attention to a new freedom study conducted by The Cato Institute. The findings could not be more revealing.

The Cato Institute on Freedom in the United States

Since 2020, the notable contrasts between states with Republican governors and states with Democrat governors have truly been put on full display. Look no further than in Oregon where they’re working to make mask mandates permanent going forward.

Meanwhile in Florida, the state just passed laws prohibiting COVID vaccine mandates altogether. All in all, Cato Institute’s study largely confirms what many Americans knew and predicted.

For instance, of the leading ten states with the most freedom, eight of them are controlled by Republican governors. The top three freest states in the nation are New Hampshire, Florida, and Nevada.

By contrast, the leading ten states with the least amount of freedom are comprised of eight states with Democrat governors. The top three least free states in the country are New York, Hawaii, and California, all of which have leftist governors.

Critical Decisions for Each American to Make

In light of the findings from Cato Institute, the writing is very clearly on the wall here. When eight in ten top free states have Republican governors while eight in ten of the least free states are run by Democrats, the message doesn’t get any plainer.

Now, it’s up to each American across the country to make a choice about what type of community they want to live in. They can choose mandatory vaccine passports or they can decide to live someplace that lets individuals make their own medical choices.

In many ways, Americans are already making these decisions. New York is the least free state in the nation, with California coming in third place. There’s no coincidence that scores of Americans are escaping these states.

Meanwhile, as the second freest state in America, thousands of people are moving to Florida each and every day. What’s more is as growing numbers of individuals move to Florida, the state has gotten redder and redder.

What do you make of this new study from Cato Institute about freedom in the United States? Drop your thoughts below in the comments area.