Nationwide Food Stamp Increase Coming Soon

The Democrat Party has continuously backed a series of measures that involve heavy spending and extreme control where the government pulls the strings. More and more, Americans are waking up to the problems that come along with this sector of the leftist agenda.

A new month is here and the Biden administration is intent again on doing more harm. Of course, Biden and his White House don’t think (or publicly acknowledge) they’re doing harm. They keep saying they’re “building back better,” even as the consequences of their poor policies are crashing down.

This month, nationwide food stamp increases are on the horizon, as the Biden administration looks to further make Americans dependent on the government, per Breitbart News.

The New Increase of Food Stamp Funding

On Friday, Americans learned food stamp benefits will increase to the tune of 25%. This means the individuals who are currently receiving food stamps from the government will get even greater amounts of benefits. Also, this new increase is not temporary, but rather a permanent measure.

Of course, the fingerprints of the Biden administration are all over this. Bumping up food stamp benefits by 25% was part of the president’s plan all along; it’s simply going into effect this month.

This new increase of food stamp funding is not only ill-advised, but it also comes at a time when America is facing a series of crises, notably economic ones. Of course, Biden and his White House are continuing to run with the false narrative that what they’re currently doing is for the benefit of the poor.

The Problem with This New Increase

There are a series of issues with the new food stamp increase. For starters, the United States government is in no position to be spending money willy nilly. Towards the middle of this month, America could reach the national debt ceiling and wind up defaulting on dues.

Defaulted dues would impact paychecks to military personnel, tax credits, and other benefits. However, the Biden administration doesn’t care. They are continuing to spend money like it’s a bottomless pit.

The next issue with food stamp increases is the lack of incentive to get people back to work. By expanding the benefits Americans get on food stamps, this lessens the individual’s drive to get back to work, get off food stamps, and independently earn a living.

Of course, Biden knows this and he doesn’t care. At the end of the day, he’s all about government control. Poor people and individuals who are reliant upon handouts from the government are inherently easier to control.

What do you think about the news that food stamp benefits are about to permanently increase by 25% later this month? Let us know in the comments section below.