Nearly 8 in 10 Americans Want to Improve Their Financial Situations in 2022

With the arrival of a new year comes new year’s resolutions. Many people use the time of the new year to set goals for themselves that they aim to achieve throughout the course of the next 12 months.

Towards the end of last year, many people expressed hope and also apprehension about what all 2022 will hold. In some regards, this is understandable, especially in light of how 2020 and 2021 turned out.

The past couple of years have taken some people’s lives and twisted them into something unrecognizable. Therefore, individuals with this story are largely hoping that 2022 will be a time when they can recover and bounce back.

According to Fox Business, one major goal for most Americans is to improve their financial situations over the course of this year.

The Leading New Year’s Resolution for 2022

A poll by Slickdeals shows more than three-quarters of American citizens want to make decisions that are better for their finances. When assessing the events over the past two years, the reality that 76% of Americans aim to better their finances shouldn’t come as a shock.

During 2020, countless people lost their businesses and their jobs. Then, in 2021, inflation and medical mandates hit, both of which had negative impacts on the economy.

With inflation soaring through the roofs, people’s money has stopped going as far as it used to. Meanwhile, medical mandates propelled folks out of the workforce, crippling situations for business owners and communities across the country at large.

Additional findings from Slickdeals even reveal most Americans with the goal of improving their finances worry that inflation is going to be a real problem. These worries are valid, also.

Last year, economists warned that inflation wouldn’t be going away this year. As a matter of fact, the rising prices of various goods across the nation is forecasted to last for a very good part of this year, if not into 2023.

Will Americans Succeed?

Time will tell whether or not Americans are able to meet their goals of bettering their finances in 2022.

However, if inflation gets worse (due to the White House and congressional Democrats passing additional spending bills), more financial challenges will await the people of this country.

At this time, five in ten Americans want to free themselves of debt. Meanwhile, 44% of people in the country are interested in using coupons and savings apps.

Slickdeals later noted that 47% of people are interested in freeing themselves from bills they don’t need; finally, another 41% are looking forward to getting longer lines of credit and/or credit cards.

Do you have financial goals for the new year? Do you think Americans who want to improve their finances in 2022 will succeed? We’d love to read all about your predictions in the comments feed.