Nearly Three Quarters of Americans Want to Reinstate Keystone XL Pipeline

A little over one year ago, 11,000 Americans lost their jobs, thanks to the Keystone XL pipeline being completed gutted by Biden.

When Biden got into office, he shut down this pipeline on day one and then started employing other measures to cripple energy independence and domestic production.

With gas prices getting as expensive as $7.00 per gallon in certain areas across the United States, there’s greater pressure for the White House to reverse ongoing policies that cripple the energy sector.

The Biden administration is falsely claiming they’re not interfering with domestic energy production and that pipelines aren’t going to be the solution to elevated gas prices.

However, the American public knows better than that. This explains why more than seven in ten US citizens want Biden to reinstate Keystone XL pipeline, according to Breitbart News.

The American Public on Keystone XL Pipeline

According to The Province, 71% of the American public is supportive of Keystone XL Pipeline’s restoration.

The support for Keystone XL pipeline makes sense, considering 64% of Americans support Canada stepping in since the United States cut off oil supply from Russia.

Of course, Keystone XL pipeline runs directly through Canada; it would also restore much-needed jobs to the American economy.

At this time, Canada is hard-pressed to employ a means of production that would allow them to create and then ship oil. Keystone XL pipeline is a simple solution to this issue.

It’s no coincidence that during the height of America’s energy independence, Keystone XL pipeline was a factor. The Biden administration’s refusal to reinstate this pipeline amid skyrocketing gas prices ultimately doesn’t help anyone.

The White House on Domestic Production of Energy

As gas prices increase, so does the criticism against the White House’s willful interference with domestically produced energy.

This criticism led Biden to claim that his administration isn’t actually blocking energy from being produced in the United States.

If this was the case, the White House wouldn’t have shot down Sen. Manchin’s calls for the Mountain Valley pipeline in West Virginia to be completed.

If Biden wasn’t interfering with energy production in our country, then Keystone XL pipeline would be up and running. There wouldn’t be any halts on drilling permits, fracking, etc.

At this point in time, there’s too much at stake for this White House to keep lying to the American public, especially when it comes to energy policy.

Biden and his administration would do well to listen to the vast majority of Americans who want Keystone XL pipeline up and running again.

What do you think about the overwhelming support in the United States for bringing back Keystone XL pipeline? In the feed for comments below, please don’t hesitate to share your points of view.