New Calls Emerge For Joe Biden to Face Criminal Charges

Corruption within the Biden family has been a subject of intrigue for quite some time. Much of this goes back years to when Joe Biden served as vice president under the Obama administration.

It was during this time that he’s believed to have used his influence to leverage business deals with various power players around the world. Another huge factor is Hunter Biden and how he used his father’s name and status to get money from various global elites.

Now, in a new twist, Republcian attorneys general are being called upon to bring charges against the president, per Breitbart News.

The Case For Charging Biden

So far, findings from the GOP-led House Oversight Committee revealed that Biden and his relatives obtained funds from a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party. Supposedly, these funds were for business affairs; though the nature of these business affairs remains a mystery.

On top of that, Hunter Biden is thought to have not only profited from his father’s name, but also sent money to his father that he acquired from deals with the aforementioned global elites.

Emails from Hunter’s infamous laptop also reveal that his uncle Jim Biden was very much part of the arrangement. Though Joe Biden himself was the one referred to as “the big guy.”

Due to all of this evidence (and potentially added details that might emerge), many conservatives feel that it’s appropriate to hold Biden accountable.

What Charges Could Biden Potentially Face?

If GOP attorneys general did choose to charge Biden, based on evidence discovered by the House Oversight Committee, he could be looking at charges of tax evasion, obstruction, espionage, bribery, and more.

Whether or not Republican prosecutors actually do move to indict the president remains to be seen. Though if such charges were brought against Biden, they would arrive around the time that he’s expected to declare his reelection bid in the 2024 presidential race.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.