New Data Emerges About Lead Pipes in Florida

Florida has been making a lot of headlines in recent years. Since 2020, millions upon millions of Americans relocated to the Sunshine State, due to its management of COVID.

A lot of people, as it turns out, wanted to live in a state where they weren’t going to have to show a vaccine passport just to get groceries. Much of the public also didn’t take well to being told their jobs or businesses were “non-essential.”

The mass migration to Florida has now lead to the state having over 300,000 more GOP voters than leftist ones. Just back in 2018, Democrats in Florida outnumbered Republicans by more than 100,000.

Lately, Florida has still been in the news. Only this time, the coverage pertains to lead pipes in the state, as the Daily Mail documents.

What to Know About Lead Pipes in Florida

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just reported that of all states nationwide, Florida leads in its quantity of lead pipes. This means that more than 1.1 million lead pipes exist in the Sunshine State and are transporting water into Floridians’ homes.

In a public statement, the EPA also stressed the importance of Americans having access to water that is safe, clean, and free of toxins. The agency likewise claimed that our country’s water infrastructure is getting older, thereby putting it in need of repairs and modernization.

The Danger of Lead Pipes

It goes without saying that lead pipes are no joke and they can pose serious harm to people who come into contact with them. Kids, especially, remain at risk.

When young people are exposed to lead material on even an infrequent basis, it can lead to problems like learning disabilities and damage to the brain. These issues will have lifelong impacts on children who are still in the middle of growing and developing in all areas.

The White House touted an infrastructure law signed not too long ago as a pivotal measure towards its goal of doing away with lead pipes.