New Details Emerge in the Aftermath of Trump’s Arraignment

The indictment and arraignment of former President Trump has taken place after much speculation about what Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg would really do.

Trump and his supporters continue to caution that Bragg is playing games with the law and bringing a meritless case against Trump. The dozens of felonies against Trump that pertain to falsifying business records are also being cited as without basis and nothing more than political persecution.

Though as America weighs in on this situation, new developments have recently come to light, according to the Gateway Pundit.

New Claims Fall Through?

Some assertions that Bragg makes in his case against Trump are now coming under a microscope. According to the Manhattan district attorney, Trump personally engaged in accounting affairs that are relevant to current legal proceedings alleging the falsification of business records.

Yet, Bragg is now being called out on this.

In almost all cases, CEOs of major companies outsource accounting work, rather than doing it themselves. The Manhattan district attorney is therefore being criticized by those who warn he lacks any serious information on how accounting works.

In the documents submitted by Bragg, there are still many other ambiguities that lend credence to the idea this is all a witch hunt.

More Problems For Bragg?

Late last week, news broke that House Republicans are pushing for the Manhattan district attorney to testify about the legal case he’s brought against Trump.

Bragg is also being accused of potentially breaching Trump’s 6th Amendment rights by not providing a clear explanation of the crimes for which he stands accused.

Right now, the former president is set to appear before the court once more in early December. Though it remains to be seen what happens with his case between now and then and whether Bragg’s claims hold up against scrutiny.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.