New Explanations Come to Light Amid Mass Flight Cancellations

For nearly two weeks now, there have been serious issues with flight cancellations. This has been happening both here in the United States and overseas.

These issues with flights arrived at one of the worst times possible. They began during the days leading up to Christmas and continued throughout the end of 2021 and the start of 2022.

Some folks are beginning to question whether or not this is the “new normal” when it comes to air travel. However, other people are hopeful that airlines will be able to get this under control and restore flights back to normal.

As it turns out, though, this week has provided some new insight into what may be driving considerable flight cancellations, as confirmed by Fox Business.

Haste on the End of the Airlines?

According to Ben Baldanza, the former Spirit Airlines CEO, airlines have apparently been making the error of overscheduling when it comes to flights.

This overscheduling is happening as a result of absent coordination between operations teams and the individuals in charge of setting flight schedules.

In other words, Baldanza maintains that airline workers who set up flights need to have a much clearer understanding of the available gates, pilots, flight attendants, and more.

The former CEO of Spirit Airlines noted that airlines did pretty well in this regard during Thanksgiving, yet somehow missed the mark during the holidays of Christmas and New Year’s.

Therefore, the lack of coordination, coupled with the numbers of staffers calling off work, is leading to airlines having to delay or ground flights altogether.

Baldanza says that as soon as the operations teams and schedule planners are able to collaborate, this should bring an end to a lot of flight cancellations.

Inclement weather in areas like Chicago, Washington D.C., etc., has likewise played a role in some of the flights that have been cancelled as of late.

What are Airlines Doing to Avert These Cancellations?

Multiple airlines have stated they’re notifying individuals of cancelled flights before they get to airports, if at all possible. Airlines likewise maintain that when the situation permits, they’re furthermore moving to rebook travelers who were subjected to flight groundings.

Airlines like United and Spirit are also offering monetary incentives to get more personnel on the beat. Both companies are giving their employees salary bumps in order to get them back to work again.

However, if airlines choose to take the advice of Baldanza, this too may play a role in ending the mass flight groundings and restoring people’s confidence in air travel.

Do you think a lack of coordination on the ends of operations teams and schedule planners is the true culprit behind flight cancellations? Let us know your outlooks in the comments area.