New Guidelines Arrive for International Travelers Coming to America

At this point in time, just about everyone knows about the new omicron version of COVID. Apparently, this strain is supposed to be less severe; however, it has still induced panic within certain individuals.

Omicron first made an appearance in the United States when a fully vaccinated individual appeared in California from South Africa. The individual was quarantined after testing positive for this variant; however, it goes to show the vaccine didn’t block the virus from emerging.

In the wake of the new variant, the Biden administration is using it as an excuse to slap more restrictions on as many people as possible. This is why international travelers coming to America are subject to new guidelines, as Fox News reports.

An Important Alert for International Travelers Coming to America

Starting on December 6, 2021, international travelers whose destination is the United States will need to produce a negative COVID test within 24 hours of departure. This test is mandatory in order for these travelers to board a plane to the United States.

Furthermore, it applies to any and all international travelers. Vaccinated travelers are not exempt from these new guidelines and neither are citizens of the United States. This new change comes as a direct response to omicron making its appearance in America.

Biden is already touting this new mandate as something that will increase protection and bide time for health officials to probe this new variant.

The 46th president is also pushing for all Americans to receive their booster shots against the virus. What Biden hasn’t addressed, though, is the fact that apparently current vaccines do not stop people from getting this variant.

Again, this is proven by the fact that the individual who tested positive for omicron after arriving in California from South Africa was also completely vaccinated against COVID. To Biden, vaccines and boosters are still the answers.

What Comes Next?

Many people have sounded off against this latest announcement from the Biden administration. The thought process here is that there’s not enough information about this strain for the president to slap new restrictions onto international travelers.

Other people have stated this new variant is just being used as another means for control. Certain folks even questioned the effectiveness of this new measure altogether.

Then, of course, there’s the issue of the southern border. Some people believe if international travelers need negative COVID tests to get on planes to the United States, the same rules ought to apply to people who are coming over the border like it’s nothing.

What do you think about the new regulations international travelers who are arriving in the United States will be subjected to? Do you believe this is about science and protection? Let us know in the comments area.