New Study Reveals Shocking Details About COVID Aid

When COVID hit, the federal government approved aid to go out to various people, companies, and other groups. The clear purpose of these federal funds was to soften the economic blows that stemmed from this virus.

Unfortunately, there are many cases of COVID relief missing the mark. For instance, experts have reported that many funds designed to help struggling individuals and businesses actually wound up in the hands of criminals and scammers.

How, when, and if these funds will ever be recovered remains to be seen. Nevertheless, new details from Fox News reveal that hundreds of millions of dollars in COVID relief meant to help our nation’s schools actually wound up going elsewhere.

A National Embarrassment

The National Opportunity Project is a group that primarily focuses on bettering American families and making sure that policies which impact the public take liberty into account.

A study from this group has since determined that more than $700 million put towards COVID relief for schools actually went to US governors and others who didn’t put the funds towards schooling.

This is especially bad news, seeing as our country’s schools could have really used the money. It’s been well-documented that how COVID was managed led to many young people falling behind and not getting the education they sincerely needed.

To say the end result of this is not good would be an understatement. Even to this day, many kids have a lot of catching up to do. With America facing a nationwide shortage of teachers and educators, this only further adds to the current problems at hand.

Incompetence at the Federal Level

The federal government’s approval of mass COVID aid has failed to have the impacts that it was promised to have. Now, the latest revelations by the National Opportunity Project beg to question how this all went wrong.

As many Americans are now making note of across social media, there should have been safeguards put in place to ensure that all (or nearly all) of the COVID relief funds went to the intended destination(s).

Despite much of this money going where it should not have, the American people are still faced with inflation, much of which stems from how the federal government has chosen to spend money.

All in all, this latest development shows that the government is truly not the answer when it comes to problems, especially problems that have very different impacts on a large population.

After all, the one-size-fits-all COVID restrictions turned out to be as least as great a failure as the efforts to get relief to different persons and businesses.