New Supply Chain Poll Isn’t Good for Democrats

Like many other serious problems the United States is wrestling with, the ongoing crisis with the supply chain is having negative ripple effects.

Because important goods are harder to come upon, they’re getting more expensive, thus contributing to inflation. Understanding the reasoning behind this involves only a base level of economic knowledge; when supply is low, demand is high, and prices surge accordingly.

After weeks and weeks of the supply chain being in complete disarray, the Biden administration hasn’t offered any solutions to bring this problem to a halt. Now, Townhall reports a new supply chain poll that is very bad news for Joe Biden and the Democrat Party.

The American People Have Not Forgotten

Earlier this week, Politico and Morning Consult released a brand new poll, thus shedding some light on where the American people stand regarding the supply chain.

According to this poll, 62% of Americans are of the view Biden has a hand in the issues with the supply chain; meanwhile, 61% of Americans also said the same thing about Congress.

Other entities to absorb blame for the supply chain problems include the Chinese government and large corporations. More than seven out of ten Americans furthermore hold the view that COVID and employee shortages are significant reasons why the supply chain is a mess.

There is no doubt the supply chain problems will have a real impact on the 2022 midterms. This aforementioned poll also revealed 52% of Americans’ votes will be impacted by the positions candidates take in regards to the supply chain.

Another Presidential Miscalculation

Amid the pressing issues with America’s supply chain, the last thing any sensible individual would want is to further inflame the situation. However, Biden has done precisely this by slapping a COVID vaccine mandate onto truckers.

Like many other critical parts of the economy, truckers are in low supply, yet high demand. COVID vaccine mandates are controversial enough; many workers are not going to stand for them and that includes truckers.

By implementing this mandate, Biden is further lessening the number of workers America will have to be able to tackle supply chain problems head-on. Therefore, some Americans are of the view the president is intentionally trying to sabotage the supply chain and, by extension, the United States altogether.

The supply chain problems were not an issue when former President Trump was in the White House. This will serve as yet another ugly stain on the Biden presidency; it’ll also be another ball and chain around Democrats, as this is the president they nominated and voted into the White House.

Do you think Joe Biden is intentionally sabotaging the supply chain and the United States as a country? We’d love to read your latest thoughts about these current events in the comments area below.