New Year’s Day 2022 Saddled with Fresh Flight Cancellations

Flight cancellations trace back to the days before Christmas 2021. The cancellation of these flights has caused grave trouble for people looking to get to the places they want to be for the holiday season.

Airlines have since employed very tangible measures to stop the cancellations of their flights. JetBlue, for one, is rolling back its schedule of flights for about the next week and a half.

Meanwhile, other airlines, such as Spirit and United, are giving double and triple pay increases to their personnel in order to encourage more workers to stay on the beat and pick up extra shifts.

Sadly, the challenges with flight cancellations have carried over into 2022. On New Year’s Day, airlines were forced to collectively cancel thousands of flights, according to Fox Business.

What to Know About New Year’s Day Flight Cancellations

Southwest, American, Delta, United, and JetBlue Airlines each cancelled flights yesterday. Thus far, the reasons for these cancellations are reportedly not just COVID, but also poor weather conditions.

On top of the flight cancellations came hundreds of additional flights that were delayed. Travelers are continuing to find themselves trapped at airports, seeking refunds for flights and rebookings, in cases where it’s possible.

The New Year’s Day flight cancellations furthermore arrive at a time when levels of travel are on the rise. The major 2020 slump that the air travel sector experienced seems to have bounced back.

However, airlines are increasingly finding themselves in situations where the demand for their services overpowers their supply.

Then, again, as some people have pointed out, the issues facing the airline industry might not be as dire if they hadn’t canned workers who didn’t want the COVID vaccination last year.

Could a Solution be Coming Soon?

As previously mentioned, airlines are trying to get more workers on the beat with pay increases and bonuses. At the end of the day, time is going to reveal whether or not these salary increases lead to flights getting back on schedule.

Towards the end of 2021, the CDC altered the quarantine guidance for people who are exposed to COVID from ten days to five days. This was done with the purpose of balancing public health without having massive amounts of people unable to work.

The amendment of the CDC’s quarantine guidance comes as one of the first times the agency has ever publicly acknowledged the importance of balancing societal wellness with medical health.

There’s no denying the serious need for airlines to be able to put an end to flight cancellations once and for all.

Are you surprised to learn the mass cancellations of flights have persisted into 2022? Do you think airlines will be able to avert this problem? Let us know in the comments area.