New York City May Lessen Funds for Police Officers

New York City has a series of predicaments that aren’t going away. Massive surges in crime have led to businesses shutting their doors and refusing to put themselves at risk of being victimized.

Meanwhile, New York City just fired a batch of frontline workers for refusing to accept the COVID vaccine. More firings could be coming as the city works through various requests for exemptions from the mandate.

When Mayor Eric Adams was running to lead New York City, he said his past work as a police officer would give him the necessary tools to ensure public safety. This hasn’t happened; in fact, crime is surging under Adams’ administration.

Now, the Democrat mayor is admitting he may very well defund the police, as covered by Breitbart News.

More Bad News for New Yorkers

During a press conference, Adams declared his budget for city police officers to the tune of $107 billion will largely be “flat.” However, he also noted the budget could endure a moderate decrease.

This is especially significant because when Adams was running to be mayor of New York City, he committed to not defunding the police and actively spoke out against it.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party as a collective is debating amongst themselves as to whether or not defunding the police is the viewpoint of the party.

It is truly remarkable for Adams to even entertain lessening the city’s police budget when he’s already fired multiple officers for not getting vaccinated against COVID and when local crime is growing, rather than waning.

Consequences of Elections

As it turns out, the leadership of various politicians continues to demonstrate the significance of election consequences.

New Yorkers, even after the horrendous leadership of former Mayor Bill de Blasio, still determined that electing yet another Democrat would be a good idea.

There are no real differences between the de Blasio administration and the Adams administration whatsoever. Both are enforcing vaccine mandates that punish frontline workers. Both are leading amid a massive crime problem and still on board with defunding the police.

If the people of New York continue to vote for these sorts of leaders, the problems facing the community will not go away. New York City, at the rate it’s going, can expect to see even more businesses shutting their doors and getting out now while they can.

Mayor Adams has already failed New York City within merely weeks of being in office. Only time will tell the damage he does throughout the rest of his mayoral term.

What do you think about the Democrat mayor of New York City talking about defunding the police at a time when the community is struggling with crime? Please share your ideas with us in the comments area.