New York City Mayor Releases Plan to Combat Homelessness

New York City is dealing with a lot of issues that won’t be going away anytime soon.

For starters, just last week, Mayor Eric Adams booted a series of city frontline workers over their choices to not receive COVID vaccines. Adams did this even as the city is dealing with a multitude of issues making frontline workers’ services more needed than ever.

At the same time, Adams recently announced that the police department in New York City may be defunded, albeit by a small amount. This revelation comes in spite of the New York City mayor directly campaigning against defunding the police.

Now, the New York City mayor has put out a new plan to supposedly roll back the community’s problems with homelessness, according to The Blaze.

Reviewing New York City’s Plan to Combat Homelessness

To make a long story short, Mayor Adams’ method to combat homelessness is to cut back on homeless people using the New York City subway as a safe haven for living on the streets.

The Democrat mayor, therefore, announced that only folks with MetroCards and intended destinations will be able to use the local subway system.

Adams also reported in the spirit of enforcing his “Subway Safety Plan,” mental health experts and police officers will be employed. However, as many folks have already pointed out, there are some kinks in the mayor’s plan.

For starters, Adams’ Subway Safety Plan doesn’t detail where New York City’s homeless population is supposed to go since they’re no longer permitted to camp out in the subway.

Barring homeless individuals from loitering in the subway does nothing to get to the root of homelessness. Furthermore, it’s a carbon copy of failed initiatives employed in California.

Thus far, the New York City mayor has not announced what he’ll do to cut back on homelessness itself, rather than simply making homelessness less apparent in the community.

Signs of Trouble to Come

As a result of New York City’s shoplifting problem, multiple Rite Aids and other businesses in the community are shutting their doors for good. This doesn’t do the city any favors.

Again, it’s also not helpful that Mayor Adams is firing police officers who don’t want to take COVID vaccines.

On social media, many New Yorkers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the leadership of the Adams administration; yet, this is what the majority of the city voted for.

Mayor Adams’ leadership very closely resembles the administration of his predecessor, Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio. Things are not looking good for the people of New York City.

What do you think about what’s happening under Mayor Adams’ leadership? Let us know in the comments section below your thoughts about the New York City mayor’s “Subway Safety Plan.”