New York Times Casts Doubt on Trump Running For President in 2024

Even with the November midterms being months away, the 2024 presidential election and speculations about who will run are making national headlines.

Democrats, for their part, have been clear that they don’t want Joe Biden running for office again. In California, a new poll showed most of the state residents favor Gov. Gavin Newsom being the Democratic nominee over Biden or Harris.

On the GOP side, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to generate speculation about whether he will or will not run for president. TV personalities like Alex Jones, Piers Morgan, and Bill Maher have expressed support for a DeSantis 2024 candidacy.

Jones even went as far as saying the Florida governor is far “better” than the 45th president.

Now, the New York Times is raising doubts about Trump going through with what many Americans view as his plans to run for office, per Washington Examiner.

The New York Times on 2024

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times appeared on CNN with thoughts about the likelihood of Trump running in the next White House race.

According to Haberman, there might be more of an advantage in Trump talking about running for president in 2024 than actually going through with it.

The New York Times writer then claimed that various prosecutors probing Trump could be motivating him and those around him to talk about running for office again.

For a while, there was talk about Trump announcing his run for the White House prematurely in July to stave off GOP competitors.

This talk largely originated from the New York Times as well; although Trump denied these claims and has yet to formally declare his candidacy for the White House in the next election.

More From Haberman

Before her time on CNN ended, the New York Times writer also raised questions about what a possible primary squabble between Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may look like.

Thus far, DeSantis has posed the greatest threat to Trump getting the 2024 nomination if he chooses to run. Polls of the desired GOP nomination shown DeSantis as either the runner-up to Trump or actually ahead of Trump.

The Florida has not make any declarations concerning the 2024 presidential election. Nevertheless, growing numbers of big names (from Elon Musk to Alex Jones, Bill Maher, Piers Morgan, etc.) are openly expressing their support for DeSantis running for president.

Many of these individuals are also sharing the view that Trump’s time is up and DeSantis is the next best step for the country and the Republican Party.

What do you think about the New York Times’ latest comments on Trump running for president in the 2024 White House race? Please don’t hold back your thoughts on the upcoming election in the comments area down below.