Newsom Walks Back on His Self-Imposed Red State Travel Ban

Ron DeSantis’ Florida has become such a beacon of hope for America that even California Gov. Gavin Newsom decided to violate his own travel bans just to see the Sunshine State.

The far-left governor visited Sarasota earlier this week on Wednesday to attend a rally of left-leaning students and faculty staff at New College, which is one of the smallest public universities in the state.

Newsom brings the woke to Florida’s universities

If you look at the school’s administration though, you’ll find they’ve been completely overhauled by none other than DeSantis himself.

He appointed several conservatives to the board of trustees, including Christopher Rufo, whose task is to guide New College away from Newsom’s woke ways.

However, this involvement in the university has led to a number of controversies. It didn’t take long for New College to become a breeding ground for the culture wars that keep breaking out in the state.

Newsom’s visit wasn’t a peaceful one, either. He mocked DeSantis’ crackdown on the DEI bureaucracy that was previously present at the university, claiming it to have been a futile and fabricated effort by the Florida governor.

A video recorded at the event shows Newsom laughing as someone explains what happened to the school board, with him adding he’ll do everything in his power to protect the left-leaning crowd attending and working at the New College University in Florida.

California’s travel ban is as useless as it was from the very start

As strange and pointless as Newsom’s visit to New College may be, what’s more interesting is he seems to have forgotten his own ban on travel to red states.

In fact, the ban was only put in place as a form of protest against conservative policies; yet, Newsom decided protesting from his own state wasn’t enough and violated the law he’d put in place himself.

Reports show he’s also made visits to Alabama, Arkansas, and Mississippi, with some claiming the ban is now up for discussion as the Democrats finally figured out polarization isn’t exactly the best approach to politics.


For some reason, the left is all about free speech; yet, they’re willing to jump through every hoop possible just to force their views on everyone else.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.