Newsom’s Attack Against So-called “Book Bans” Backfires

The Democrat Party has run with the false narrative that Republicans are out to needlessly and senselessly ban good books from being read. In actuality, what conservative leaders are doing is keeping kids from being exposed to pornographic content that is simply not age-appropriate.

The content getting “banned” wouldn’t even be deemed suitable for primetime television. Yet, somehow, Republicans are ending up vilified for being sure that children aren’t exposed to it.

One of the Democrats making a point to run with this book ban narrative is none other than California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Though his recent claims to this end just backfired, as documented by Free Beacon.

Newsom Strikes Out

Taking to social media, Newsom boasted that, unlike the children of Florida and Texas, the children of California enjoy “the freedom to learn.”

However, in making this claim, the Democratic governor inadvertently drew attention to California’s own flawed education policies. These policies specifically pertain to required sex-ed for students, mandatory ethnic studies, and exposure to literature telling kids there are more than two genders.

Newsom may want to dress this up. However, many folks in his own state aren’t pleased with how he’s going about books and the education of the youth.

In California, numerous parents have protested against what they deem to be the unnecessary indoctrination of their kids. Naturally, Newsom wasn’t eager to draw attention to this part of the story.

The Bottom Line

This isn’t Newsom’s first time taking shots at Florida, Texas, or the policies associated with both states. Nevertheless, people are running away from California and going to places like Florida and Texas.

That could be a reason why Newsom has such an axe to grind against these states.

Regardless, the California governor is now getting taken to task on social media by Americans calling out the inaccuracies within his claims.