NIH Reportedly at Odds Over COVID Vaccine Mandates

The longer the COVID vaccine mandate discussion continues in America, the worse things look for pro-mandate folks. This past weekend, the Biden administration tried to spin a ruling from the Federal Appeals Court which paused the implementation of the mandate.

When making this ruling, the court cited that matters regarding statutory and constitutional realities are an issue with Biden’s national edict. This clearly contradicts the Biden administration’s latest claims they have the power to force through this edict at a national level.

To top it all off, Laura Kelly, the Democrat governor of Kansas, came out days ago and declared she does not support the president’s federal COVID vaccine order.

However, the true icing on the cake now deals with reports that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is reportedly at odds regarding COVID vaccine mandates, according to Breitbart News.

More Problems Surrounding Forced Vaccination

Virtually every American is aware of the reality that the NIH’s Tony Fauci is all on board with COVID vaccine mandates. Fauci’s never come across a single mandate regarding this virus that he didn’t approve of.

During a podcast months ago, Fauci declared he’d be supportive of a mandate that says domestic travelers within the United States have to be vaccinated against COVID. However, it turns out not everyone in the NIH shares this support for vaccine mandates, despite common belief otherwise.

Next month, Dr. Matthew Memoli of the NIH will be engaging in an online event that talks about the moral ramifications and the feasibility of vaccine mandates. Memoli is responsible for overseeing a clinical studies unit.

Furthermore, he’s not in favor of mandates, is not vaccinated, and prefers for older and unhealthy individuals to be the only recipients of the COVID vaccine. On July 30, Memoli even conveyed to Fauci via email he believes the means by which these shots are being used is improper.

The doctor has likewise gone on record, saying the current use of COVID vaccines runs the risk of hampering natural immunity.

What Should Americans Expect?

Given Memoli’s years of work as a health official, the public should expect his remarks about COVID vaccine mandates to have an impact on this nationwide debate.

Vaccine mandates continue to face widespread pushback from folks who don’t want the government or any other entity taking away their freedom to make medical choices.

Hearing from this NIH official may actually come as a relief to many Americans. The country has heard quite a bit from folks who favor these mandates and want unvaccinated people cast out of society.

It’s now time to grant more of a platform to folks who oppose these sweeping edicts.

Are you surprised to learn not everyone at the NIH backs COVID vaccine mandates? We’d like to read your perspective in the comments section.