NYC Mayor Baselessly Accuses Critical Media Coverage of Being Racist

Things are not looking good in New York City. It’s just fired thousands of workers across home sanitation, fire, police, education, and other departments over their decision not to get vaccinated against COVID.

Meanwhile, the city is dealing with a crime crisis that’s so problematic it has businesses shutting their doors for good. This is happening with multiple Rite Aid locations in the Manhattan area, at the very least.

All of this comes as the city is under the administration of Democrat Mayor Eric Adams. During Adams’ time as a mayoral candidate, he committed to putting an end to crime in New York City.

This isn’t panning out so well, therefore leading to justifiable criticism against the mayor. However, as Adams is criticized for the problems in his city, he’s opted to call this a form of racism, as American Thinker documented.

A Closer Look at Mayor Adams’ Calls of Racism

The leftist mayor of New York City is making the case that his critics are unable to properly “interpret” his mayoral stint because he’s black and they’re of other ethnicities.

Furthermore, Adams claimed the media is twisting the facts about his leadership because of him being black. Later, the New York City mayor declared that using the race card against criticism is something he did out of “love.”

However, many people who take issue with what’s going on in New York City have pushed back against the mayor’s claims.

Folks are rightfully pointing out that Adams has failed to live up to what he promised on the campaign trail. Crime is a serious concern that’s putting everyday New Yorkers in danger and driving businesses out of communities.

The left-wing mayor previously served as a police officer and said this experience would make him best-suited to end crime in the city. Thus far, this has been nothing more than empty words.

Continued Failed Leadership in New York City

Unfortunately for New Yorkers, their city has been under unsuccessful leadership for quite some time now.

By the same token, however, New Yorkers are repeatedly voting Democrats into office, yet somehow appear shocked when nothing gets any better.

The leadership between former Mayor Bill de Blasio and current Mayor Eric Adams might as well be identical. New York City’s crime problem under Adams is as present as it was under de Blasio.

Meanwhile, Adams is standing by de Blasio’s vaccination mandates; the current mayor is cutting city staff loose at a time when their services are more required than ever.

What are your thoughts about the New York City mayor pivoting away from criticism by claiming it’s racially motivated? Do you think Mayor Eric Adams is doing a good job of successfully leading New York City? Let us know in the comments area.