NYC Mayor Eric Adams Has Come Down With COVID

For over a year, at this point, Americans have heard about the supposed greatness and effectiveness of COVID vaccines.

Health officials claimed that everyone must get these vaccines in order to protect themselves, their neighbors, and the community at large.

Yet, even with more people getting vaccinated, this didn’t stop the virus from sticking around. COVID vaccines also didn’t stop the virus from spreading.

Finally, the medical establishment had no choice but to admit that COVID vaccines don’t stop any individuals from coming down with COVID; they also don’t stop anyone who has COVID (vaccinated or not) from spreading the virus.

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a pattern of folks who are fully vaccinated and with their booster shots still testing positive for COVID.

According to Breitbart News, New York City Mayor Eric Adams is the latest person to become part of this pattern.

Mayor Adams’ Big Announcement

On Sunday, the mayor of New York City formally announced that he’s come down with COVID. Adams first suspected he was positive for the virus after having a scratchy throat when he woke up.

As a precautionary measure, Adams took a test and was confirmed as COVID positive. These test results materialized as they did despite Adams having his COVID vaccines and booster shots.

The Democratic mayor has since said he’ll go into quarantine and work remotely in the meantime. Adams also made sure to claim that New York City is “winning” the battle against COVID.

Many Democrats these days appear to be testing positive for the virus they’re all vaccinated and boosted against.

Not too long ago, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was confirmed as COVID positive. Just earlier this month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and various Biden aides also came down with COVID.

More Problems on Adams’ Watch

As it turns out, a positive COVID test is the least of Adams’ worries.

The mayor of New York City, thus far, hasn’t met his commitment to ending crime, which is something he campaigned on.

Meanwhile, Adams has likewise taken some heat for forcing very small children to wear masks.

It also hasn’t done the mayor any favors to not rehire the police officers that the city fired over their refusal to get vaccinated against COVID.

At this point in time, Adams’ leadership doesn’t appear to be that much different from his predecessor, former Mayor Bill de Blasio.

What do you think about the mayor of New York City testing positive for COVID, despite having all the vaccines and booster shots that health officials claimed were safe and effective?

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