NYC Police Prepare to Sue Mayor Over COVID Vaccine Mandate

Right now is a very dangerous time to work in or for blue states and blue cities. Since the rollout of coronavirus vaccines, Democrats have truly exposed the tyrants and authoritarians living within them.

Democrat mayors and governors are currently working to force the COVID vaccine on the people working for the community. They’re issuing mandates and declaring that anyone who refuses to take the COVID vaccine will lose their jobs as a result.

Many firefighters, police officers, and other first responders are pushing back against this. Some are saying they will not take the vaccine, even if it means being fired. Others are engaging in lawsuits to get the mandate struck down or seeking religious/medical exemptions.

Democrat New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio recently announced a COVID vaccine mandate for city employees. Now, Breitbart News reports the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) is preparing to sue the Democrat mayor over this mandate.

The Incoming Lawsuit from the PBA

Yesterday, Mayor De Blasio announced New York City employees will have until October 29, next Friday, to take the COVID vaccine. The Democrat mayor furthermore declared city workers who do not meet this deadline will be forced into unpaid leave until they get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the NYC chapter of the PBA is vowing to fight this. The Police Benevolent Association declared in a statement since the inception of the “haphazard vaccine rollout,” the group has worked to shield the rights of their members to make their own medical decisions.

The PBA furthermore declared due to Mayor de Blasio’s mandate, the association will take legal action to protect their members’ rights. This marks yet another instance of Democrats pushing mandates on first responders and facing subsequent pushback in response.

Fighting Back Against Leftist Tyranny

Many police officers across the United States are walking off the job. Places like Seattle, Atlanta, etc., are losing key segments of their police force. Meanwhile, Chicago police officers are threatening similar action as they work to fight the city’s COVID vaccine mandate.

What’s most ironic is the Democrat mayors forcing through these mandates are overseeing cities that are most in need of law enforcement. These Democrats don’t have the luxury of treating police and first responders as if they’re expendable; however, that’s precisely what is happening.

Refusing to comply with these tyrannical mandates from the left is the ultimate way of fighting back against them. If Democrats are able to force vaccines into the bodies of the unwilling, it will not end there.

What do you think about the NYC police union’s incoming lawsuit against Mayor de Blasio’s COVID vaccine mandate? Should police officers go on strike nationwide in protest against these medical mandates? Let us know in the field for comments below.