Only 33% of Americans Currently Approve of Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s been on a downward spiral almost ever since he stepped into office. Biden has continuously broken his promises and pushed for policies that have the nation on fire.

What’s made the situation even worse for the 46th president is his absolute lack of understanding about issues that really matter to Americans. For instance, while Biden is going around raging against the filibuster, everyday people are worried about inflation.

The Biden administration continues to show their prioritization of political agendas over the best interests of Americans. This is apparent by the White House pressuring Congress to get additional spending bills passed amidst one of the worst inflation crises in decades.

Now, a brand new poll is out and Biden’s approval rating is officially lower than it’s ever been, as Newsmax reports.

Quinnipiac University on Biden’s Approval Rating

Yesterday, the Quinnipiac University poll confirmed the 46th president’s nationwide rating of approval has fallen down to 33%. Meanwhile, 53% of the country disapproves of the job Biden is doing as president. This left merely 10% who had no view about Biden’s performance.

Moreover, five in ten Americans stated that Biden’s job performance is to the degree that they expected. 39% declared the president has done worse than they anticipated; only 7% of Americans polled said Biden’s job performance is more promising than what they projected.

Since November 2021, the 46th president’s approval rating amongst Democrats has fallen by 12% from 87% to 75%. Likewise, Biden still remains drastically underwater with both Republicans and Independents throughout the United States.

At this pace, there’s no telling how much lower Biden’s approval rating will fall over the course of 2022.

However, this new information from Quinnipiac University showing a 33% approval rating for the Democrat president doesn’t bode well for his party in the forthcoming midterms.

A Further Downward Spiral

This latest drop in Biden’s poll numbers comes after continuous approval rating declines in 2021.

The president’s response to his falling approval numbers was to admit on national TV that he quit paying attention to his ratings after they fell beyond a certain point.

With this attitude, Biden’s 33% approval rating is not going to change anything for him. The president will continue moving forward with horrid policies, power grabs, and spending packages that have plunged the United States into crisis.

Right now, the best hope America has is to vote out Biden’s congressional allies. Without the House and Senate being controlled by Biden’s party, he’ll have significantly less room to wreak havoc.

At the pace that Biden is going, his approval rating across the nation will be in the mid to high teens before June gets here.

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