Oprah May Soon Be Heading to Congress

Things are not looking very good for Sen. Diane Feinstein these days. The California Democrat was out of Congress for a while, due to a case of shingles.

Since getting back to the Senate, however, Feinsten’s mental state appears to have significantly declined from where it was before. The California Democrat told the media not too long ago that she never took a hiatus from Congress, despite the fact that she clearly did.

Moreover, there are reports that congressional staffers in Feinstein’s employ are now working overtime to keep her from interacting with members of the media.

As more talk emerges about Feinstein eventually resigning or otherwise leaving office before her term ends, Oprah could very well be her replacement, according to the New York Post.

California Sen. Oprah Winfrey?

If Feinstein exits Congress before her term concludes in 2024, then California Gov. Gavin Newsom will have to find a replacement for her. Rumor has it that Newsom is considering Oprah Winfrey, something that’s taken many people by surprise.

Winfrey has never held elected office before. Instead, she’s made her name in the television business.

Nevertheless, Newsom previously promised to choose a black woman to take Feinstein’s place if the current congresswoman isn’t able to see her Senate term through to its end.

So far, the California governor himself has not confirmed or denied that he’s considering having Winfrey fill Feinstein’s shoes if the latter leaves Congress prematurely.

A Case For Term Limits

As news of Winfrey possibly becoming a US senator captures attention, many Americans have also cited Feinstein’s situation as a prime example of why this country needs mandatory congressional term limits.

We have term limits for the president, but not for anyone serving in Congress. Therefore, someone can just keep running for the same seat over and over again, even when it’s clear that they’re not completely up for the job.

Something has to give.