Pelosi Could Soon be Out as House Speaker

Earlier this month, a poll showed that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the most unpopular leaders of Congress at this time. This shouldn’t come as a shock, seeing as the Democrat House Speaker is one of the biggest cheerleaders for the toxic Biden agenda.

This month, Pelosi also came out in favor of Biden’s plan to have the IRS oversee bank accounts with $600+ in transactions. During a press conference, the House Speaker declared Biden’s measure is a great way to “track” people who are not paying their taxes.

Many Americans are of the view that authorities should get a warrant if they need to look into someone’s financial records. However, Pelosi and Biden want to empower the IRS; they’ve also already put this measure in spending bills being debated right now.

However, Pelosi may have bigger fish to fry. Breitbart News reports due to all the Democrats fleeing the House of Representatives, Pelosi could be finished as House Speaker in a little over one year’s time.

Bad News for Nancy Pelosi

The fact that President Biden is doing so terribly, has lost massive support from Independents, and keeps getting lower approval ratings is already bad enough for Pelosi and Democrats.

However, 13 House Democrats have decided to depart from the chamber thus far. This gives Republicans a chance to pick up several new seats; what’s more, is the GOP only needs to win five more seats in order to send Pelosi packing and install a Republican House Speaker.

Over the course of this month alone, four House Democrats have announced their decisions to retire, rather than seek re-election. Other House Democrats chose to run in senatorial, mayoral, or gubernatorial races, rather than seek another term in their current positions.

Thoughts from Republican Leaders

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) has some thoughts on why so many Democrats are either retiring from office or running for different seats in government.

An NRCC spokesperson stated this current trend is due to Democrats essentially knowing things aren’t looking good for them. The spokesperson went on to declare the current majority that Democrats enjoy in the House of Representatives is “doomed.”

Meanwhile, Republicans are working mightily to take back the House of Representatives in 2022. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has already raised millions and millions of dollars this year; these funds will be helpful as House Republicans work to oust Democrats as the majority party.

This is not an anomaly, either. In previous times when Democrats controlled Congress, they overplayed their hand, went too far, and ultimately lost their majority to Republicans.

Do you think Republicans will take back the House of Representatives in 2022 and send Pelosi packing as the Speaker of the House? Let us know your views below in the comments area.