Pelosi Endorses Biden For Reelection in 2024

In the Democrat Party, the fight is on as to whether or not Joe Biden should run for reelection in 2024 or sit out the race.

Progressive group RootsAction has started an ad blitz that discourages Biden from running. These ads explicitly deem the president as a liability with the greatest likelihood of losing the presidential election to a Republican.

However, others in the Democrat Party, such as New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, have come out and said Biden should run for a second term in 2024.

Now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is also backing Biden for reelection, as reported by Hot Air.

Pelosi on Biden Seeking Reelection

During an interview with ABC News, the House Speaker clearly declared that Biden should run for another term in the White House.

It is Pelosi’s view that the current president achieved great feats that involve vaccinations, “putting money” into Americans’ pockets, getting people working again, and sending children back to schools.

Of course, this endorsement does not come as a shock. The House Speaker has been one of Biden’s strongest and most public cheerleaders.

She’s also dismissed talks from members of her own party regarding a need for generational leadership changes among Democrats.

Meanwhile in the Real World

It goes without saying that many Americans disagree with Pelosi’s assessment of Biden’s leadership. On the current president’s watch, inflation has skyrocketed to heights that many people did not even imagine.

With inflation, layoffs are also on the rise. Many employers are eager to offset the impacts of inflation on their businesses by reducing their labor force. This disproportionately harms Americans who are most in need of their jobs, to begin with.

Of course, Pelosi is not addressing any of these issues; neither are other Democrats who have chosen to endorse Biden for another term in office.

Instead, the messaging from pro-Biden Democrats seems to be that the current president is great and anyone who refuses to acknowledge it just isn’t right.

In the wake of the midterms, Biden has also explicitly declared that he will not change anything to ease the concerns of most Americans who believe the nation is on the wrong course.

To many people, this isn’t indicative of a good leader. Even CNN, of all networks, warned this type of speech from Biden was insulting to voters.

So far, it remains to be seen whether or not the president chooses to pursue reelection. He’s publicly been all over the place in this regard. Though after the midterms, some Americans and pundits predict that Biden will certainly run in 2024.

What do you make of Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement of Joe Biden for president? Down below in the comments area, please feel free to share your views.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.