Pelosi May Not Seek Another Congressional Term After 2022

The Biden administration is seemingly doing all it can to make sure the Democrat Party does not win the 2022 midterm elections. There’s not a single issue in America that this president hasn’t messed up.

Biden’s destroyed energy independence and the southern border; the president also bears responsibility for higher crime rates in inner cities, the supply chain crisis, inflation, higher taxes, and a host of other issues.

At the same time, Biden is furthermore pushing unpopular COVID vaccine mandates which are worsening the economy altogether. Meanwhile, American citizens still remain stranded in Afghanistan as the Biden administration pretends like this isn’t a problem.

Redistricting, low approval numbers for Biden, and the amount of House Democrats either retiring or running for office outside of the House of Representatives doesn’t bode well for the left at all.

Meanwhile, just over the weekend, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to commit to running for another congressional term after 2022, as Breitbart News noted.

Pelosi on Seeking Another Term in Congress

On Sunday, the House Speaker sat down with CNN for an interview. The interview covered a variety of issues pertaining to current bills in Congress and other events happening in the political sphere.

At one point, Pelosi even refused to say the name of former President Trump. When CNN’s Jake Tapper questioned the House Democrat on whether she’ll seek another term in Congress after the 2022 midterms, the conversation got even more interesting.

When pressed about her intentions to seek another term, Pelosi laughed and asked Tapper why he’d expect her to answer that question now.

After Tapper said it was about the American people getting an answer, Pelosi explained she’d discuss the matter with her family before making public announcements.

Why Pelosi Could Bow Out

There is a very likely possibility of House Democrats losing their current majority in the chamber to House Republicans.

If House GOP members do reclaim the majority, Pelosi will lose her position as House Speaker; although whether or not she seeks another term in Congress altogether is another matter.

There have been rumors that Pelosi previously considered retiring from office before former President Trump got into politics. With Biden in office, the current House Speaker could very well bow out; although, right now, there’s honestly no way to predict her future choice regarding this matter.

With that said, many Americans are quite eager to see Pelosi out as House Speaker; should the GOP reclaim the House majority in 2022, the likeliest candidate for the speakership role is House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

What do you think about Pelosi’s refusal to commit to another term in Congress? Do you think she should retire after 2022? We’d like to read your thoughts on this down below.