Pelosi Slammed Over Failed Leadership in Congress

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been serving in Congress for more than three decades. However, the quantity of Pelosi’s time in Washington D.C. has no correlation with the quality of her leadership.

Last week, a poll came out, revealing that Pelosi is the most disliked top congressional leader. Interestingly enough, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (with whom Pelosi has sparred and clashed with on multiple occasions) came out with the highest favorability ratings.

Right now, Pelosi is a key figure in pushing President Biden’s radical $3.5 trillion agenda on the nation. Pelosi also wants to manipulate the public into believing this legislation won’t cost any money at all.

However, as Breitbart News points out, Leader McCarthy is now calling out the shortcomings of Pelosi’s ineffective leadership.

Reviewing McCarthy’s Issues with Pelosi

During a Sunday interview with Fox News, Leader McCarthy discussed the various problems Pelosi’s brought to Congress with her leadership. The top House Republican first noted Pelosi’s made it virtually unattainable for the GOP minority to obtain official documents from the White House.

This comes on top of the House Speaker forcing through proxy voting. With this style of voting in place, Democrats can refuse to show up for work and still collect their checks.

Likewise, McCarthy revealed that Pelosi’s been slapping lawmakers with fines for petty reasons and cherry picking the lawmakers she personally wants to serve on various committees.

In concluding his statements, McCarthy slammed Pelosi as a “lame-duck” House Speaker, declaring that she’s more interested in visiting the United Kingdom for the sake of her “farewell tour.”

Getting Pelosi Out of Power

The House Speaker, like other Democrats, has chosen to hitch her wagon to the radical agendas of the Biden administration. This is all the more reason why getting Pelosi out of power is so important.

A GOP House majority after November 2022 is the best way to get Pelosi out of power. If Republicans take back the House of Representatives next year, Pelosi will no longer hold her post as House Speaker. That position will go to someone else, most likely Leader McCarthy himself.

Pelosi needs to be removed from power and so do other Democrats in Congress who serve as President Biden’s reinforcements. The 2022 midterm races are a very big deal. They’re going to determine the direction the country goes in the foreseeable future.

Restoring order in Congress is one of the very first steps that must occur in order to unify against and defeat the dangerous agenda of the Democrat Party.

Do you believe it’s time for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to be removed from this position in Congress? Do you think the GOP will manage to take back the House in 2022? We look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments section below.