Pence Calls Out Biden Over Illegal COVID Vaccine Mandates

Last month, the president announced a series of illegal federal COVID vaccine mandates. Biden vaccine mandates for federal workers and businesses with more than 100 staffers is already facing a series of pushback with more legal challenges on the way.

The adverse consequences of these vaccine mandates are already materializing. Staffing shortages across different sectors are worsening as more people choose to quit their jobs before being forced to take an experimental vaccine.

The American people are sick of Biden’s tyranny. Many of these folks are pro-vaccine, yet anti-mandate. Over the weekend, former Vice President Mike Pence called out Biden for his ridiculous and authoritarian COVID vaccine mandates, as Newsmax documents.

Pence on Biden’s COVID Vaccine Mandate

On Saturday, the former vice president attended a dinner in Oregon for the Washington County Republican Party. When Pence’s time came to speak, he stated that while he supports Americans getting vaccinated against COVID, the decision ultimately rests with the individual.

Pence then laid into Biden, noting when the president declared that COVID vaccine mandates aren’t about freedom. The former vice president then corrected Biden, declaring that freedom is what the United States of America is about.

Later, Pence declared America will not forfeit freedoms and liberties because of coronavirus. This isn’t the first time the former vice president’s called out Biden either. Pence has held the 46th president to task on his abandonment of the southern border and a host of other issues.

Pence vs. Biden in 2024?

Next month, Pence is going to be in Iowa in order to give a college lecture. Some people are currently speculating that the former vice president may be considering running for the White House in 2024.

For what it’s worth, the vice president has not declared he is running for office during the next election cycle. However, Iowa caucuses play a significant role in determining which nominees ultimately get to represent their party. Time will tell what Pence’s future plans entail.

Pence vs. Biden is not out of the question. Very recently, the former vice president spoke with Fox News’ Sean Hannity about the various failures and disasters of the Biden administration. Pence then let Hannity know that it is imperative for the American public to hold Biden accountable.

Ultimately, the best way to hold this president accountable entails voting him out of office in 2024 and electing a Republican president. Pence’s name has certainly come up on polls and lists of preferred 2024 GOP nominees.

Additional Republican names to make the list include Nikki Haley, Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, etc. If the GOP manages to successfully win the midterm elections next year, there’s a very real possibility that this could lead to a 2024 red wave too.