Pharmacies Have Multiple Prescriptions on Backlog, Amid Supply Chain Issues

In the United States, the supply chain crisis is not a joke. The massive issues with the supply chain today are reasons why prices are going up. The supply chain is furthermore responsible for shortages in goods that Americans need.

Unfortunately for the country, our nation’s leaders are not taking the supply chain problems seriously. President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg are too busy promoting an infrastructure package to bother with truly pressing matters.

However, as the White House buries its head in the sand, Americans are forced to bear the consequences of the supply chain bottlenecks. According to Fox Business, supply chain complications are causing pharmacies to have issues with filling prescriptions.

A Closer Look at Backlogged Prescription Drugs

According to the Food and Drug Administration, there are 111 prescription drugs that need to be filled, but have yet to be, due to supply chain problems. Additionally, drugs such as antibiotics are in shortage, as are heart medications and medicine for cancer.

Without these prescriptions, people could die or succumb to serious illnesses. So while the Biden administration treats the supply chain as if it’s not really a huge deal, the fact of the matter tells the precise opposite story.

According to the FDA, they are in communication with manufacturers and also keeping a very close eye on the supply chain itself. What the FDA has not been able to do, however, is provide a deadline for when these backorders are going to be filled.

Many Americans have sounded the alarm about the country’s delays with the supply chain. However, it continues to fall on deaf ears, with the present administration running the federal government.

Biden’s Dangerous War on Truckers

As most people know, truck drivers are vital parts of the various goods making it to their destinations. As a matter of fact, the current lack of truckers is having a major impact on why the supply chain faces so many issues.

Yet, rather than the 46th president making moves to lessen the plight, he’s actively working to inflame the situation altogether. Biden wants to push COVID vaccine mandates on truckers at a time when these workers are more needed than ever.

This comes as Biden is handed one defeat after the other in federal courts regarding other vaccine mandates he’s tried to pull. At this point in time, the president should be doing everything he can to make the jobs of truckers easier, not throwing down more red tape and regulations.

Something has to give. The supply chain cannot continue as it has been and neither can the United States.

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