Plurality of Voters Don’t Want Biden to Have a Second Term

America is currently in the start of the second year of Biden’s presidency. The first year was marked by a plethora of scandals including a haphazard withdrawal form Kabul, sky-high inflation, massive drug and human trafficking incidents along the southern border, and more.

Since the middle of last year, Biden’s approval ratings have been steadily falling. Meanwhile, the president has been focusing on issues that are as far removed from the concerns of everyday Americans as it gets.

Poll after poll shows strong support for Biden to redirect his attention to matters involving the economy and rising inflation; however, the 46th president is more content with comparing his political adversaries to racists.

In light of all the mayhem to come from Biden’s first year in office, a plurality of American voters are not too keen on him getting a second term as president, according to Fox News.

Another Bad Poll for the 46th President

A poll conducted by Fox News shows that if the 2024 presidential race were underway today, roughly 60% of the country would support someone other than Biden.

This is in keeping with another poll showing that just 33% of the populace currently approves of the 46th president’s job performance.

Right now, some of the biggest anxieties weighing on the minds of Americans have to deal with the economy. Yet, amazingly, this is an area that Biden is refusing to give his attention to.

Not once has his administration even spoken candidly about inflation or announced any comprehensive strategies to lower inflation. At the same time, more than five out of ten Americans disapprove of Biden’s job performance overall.

The president’s approval ratings on COVID have also been consistently low.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court recently overturned his vaccine mandate for companies with 100+ workers; a federal judge in Texas followed suit by blocking Biden’s vaccine requirement for employees of the federal government.

One Failure After the Next

At this point in time, the first year of Biden’s presidency makes it as plain as day how his administration plans to govern for the remainder of the term.

What many Americans are counting on is the midterm elections going in the favor of the GOP. If this happens, the 46th president won’t have a Democrat majority in Congress to pass whatever he proposes nine times out of ten.

Moreover, a Republican-led Congress can restore checks and balances to the federal government, while blocking far-left legislation from becoming the law of the land.

What do you think about the poll showing that most Americans aren’t supportive of Biden getting a second term in office? In the comments area down below, let us know if you think Biden should be re-elected or thrown out of office in 2024.